See Saw

I see a see saw – going up and down, up and down.

Some are on this see saw alone… and are struggling to keep the see saw going up and down.  Confusion is what makes up their minds and they are getting no where…  but just going up and down on this see saw.  It takes a weight on the other side to make it an enjoyable ride on the see saw…  to make it fun… But instead of choosing to bring along the weight some are riding in solitude without any purpose, without any joy.

If this is you, God is waiting for you to invite Him to be a part of your journey… to get rid of the confusion, and give you direction.  He is who you need and He will then give you direction.  He also will give you the comparable helper that He has ordained for you in due time as He doesn’t intend for man to be alone.. but you need to invite Him and to surrender your will to His perfect plan.  Do not conform to the ways of the world but instead be transformed by the renewing of your mind.

There are some others who are riding mindlessly on the see saw in a bad wrong relationship… they aren’t getting off it when it hits the low.. but instead, they are letting the manipulator take the driving seat… They keep letting the manipulator push their buttons, hold their weights… One day they may be pushed off the see saw when they are at the highest point of the see saw so they take the highest fall.  Does this resonate with you?  God is asking you to seek Him for discernment and for the courage to jump off before it’s harmful… and while you can.

Then there are some others who are in a relationship… they are having their ups and down… on this see saw of life.  They sometimes feel they need to jump off when they hit the lows… But they know there are many highs in their relationships too… Not many have the joy of being able to count the blessings, the joys, the fun moments in their relationships… If you didn’t have your troubles, your lows, you wouldn’t be able to reach your highs… They are the stepping stones to greater intimacy with one another – and likewise with your journey with God too.  God is asking you to count your blessings in one another and in Him daily… and to be thankful in all circumstances that you can continue on in the reality see saw of life.

Any see saw of life takes effort to have the fun.  But just ensure that the pivot point is sustained properly!  Let God be the pivot point that holds the see saw up…

He holds you in His righteous right hand.  Will you let Him?


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