Start On It NOW – NOOOOO!

When I share a certain update with people, most of the responses have been, “Don’t wait till the last moment, get on with the searching now”.  My response to them makes them think I’m crazy as it’s a simple NOOOO!  What am I going on about?  Well… last month I was told that as the contract year comes to an end in August, my rental agreement wouldn’t be renewed.  The owner plans to move back to the country in April and as she had promised that I can live here till August, she has been gracious to let me stay till then.  So in my mind, I will leave any time after April but before August depending on the doors that open for me to shift.

So people tell me to start the search right now.. And I reply with a big capital bolded NO.  Having lived by faith and learning to increasingly yield to being led by the Holy Spirit has taught me that His ways are definitely not our ways.. He is nudging me more and more to not conform to the ways of the world but by the renewing of my mind be transformed and know His perfect and pleasing will.

At this particular juncture where housework has been added to my plate along with much more ministry commitments and responsibilities along with a conviction and drive to continue the steady writing of books, I have quite a bit to do to say the least.  Limited budget, no vehicle, hot sun, gr ocery shops not that close by especially the ones where you can get decent vegetables.. these are chores that have to be done and trust me when you have to walk in the sun, you do get tired.  It’s not that safe to go walking alone after dark for a female in this part of the world even more so when you get mistaken for a foreigner.  I consistently ask God for wisdom to balance it all.

When I found out last month that my contract wouldn’t be renewed, after a little bit of emotional shaking, I gave it over to the Lord.  From the last chapter of my nomadic life, one thing I have learnt is one way that the enemy wants to distract us is by sending us into chaos, fear and to run around.  House hunting is one of his major techniques – to keep looking at advertisements everywhere, make phone calls and travel up and down by bus to see the places.  It just consumes time, money and energy.  However, when God has a place, it will come to pass in HIS time.. He often wants us to “be still and know that HE is God”.  I know that He will take my hand as my Heavenly Father and lead me to the right place in His way.

In my heart, there is a burden, a passion for a vision I have for a Christian singles centre in   central location.  I believe God has shown me that He will move the hearts of the people who have the necessary resources whether it be a house that is locked up, and/or the finances to make it happen as unto God for His Kingdom work.  It will obviously be a LARGE place that will double up as a shelter for those that God shows us to open the doors to.

No, I have no idea where to search for that, and I’m not going to allow the enemy to distract me from what God has set out for me to do at this very time!  Besides, this is the owner’s plan and timing.  What is God’s plan and timing?  I have though shared this situation with others who would intercede so that the right networking may take place and also so that I will not look at the storm but keep my focus on Jesus so that His work will not be delayed.  I had already allowed the nomadic stage of my life to hinder the writing of books that He had been burdening me to do.. He rebuked me in a vision last year.. and now I stand fully convicted and committed to being like a horse with blinders to run this race on the narrow track that He has set out for me.

We humans often take pride in our own efforts and think we can accomplish more by our own works.. we leave God out of the equation until we meet a dead end.  A person led by the Spirit begins to learn to sit at His feet and take the steps as and when He leads… Sometimes He can just let the necessary KEY fall at your doorstep just like He rained manna and quail from heaven.

 To those who have had no agony Jesus says, “I have nothing for you; stand on your own feet, square your own shoulders. I have come for the man who knows he has a bigger handful than he can cope with, who knows there are forces he cannot touch; I will do everything for him if he will let Me. Only let a man grant he needs it, and I will do it for him.” – Oswald Chambers, The Shadow of an Agony

And when God intervenes, He often does it exceedingly more than we would have ever imagined or hoped for.. much more than our meagre efforts would have brought about.  Martha was distracted by serving Jesus but Jesus rebuked her saying that she was distracted by many things and that Mary had chosen what was better – to sit at His Feet.

  • What is God saying to you today?
  • How much have you surrendered your pride to be led by Him?
  • What do you need to let go of today?

Breakthrough after breakthrough will sweep over

those who let go of doing in their own wisdom…


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