Complicating Things

I have often seen people use the flat side of the knife to smash the garlic in order to peel it easily.  Somehow I didn’t take to this method.  Perhaps because it takes a lot of effort to bang the knife and it flattens the garlic.   I would however use the knife to cut the ends and then peel with my fingers.

Now that I have gathered my stuff from the storage times of my nomadic stage, I spotted my little marble mortar and pestle.  A quick hit from the pestle, the garlic didn’t lose much of its shape and the peel just pretty much slipped off too.  Thankfully the mortar and pestle caught my eye the next time I had to take off the shells of cardamoms in order to reach to the fragrant seeds within.. How fast my usually painstakingly slow task ended!

I was thinking at those times how often do we complicate things unnecessarily without using the things on hand..  and things effectively too.  Complicating things means over taxing our resources including time and our energy too!

We have become a rat race oriented human beings! Ooops that doesn’t sound too appealing does it?  The more the ‘action’ packed one’s life is the more that person is ‘celebrated’ to be an achiever.  That puts budding creative people such as writers, artists, musicians to shame as they take ‘time to create timeless pieces’.

The quote ‘It takes time to create timeless pieces’ was an original from a friend of mine Stefan Mathew.

This rings true with God too.  For Him, it’s about us BEING STILL and listening to Him and getting His direction.  To the onlookers, this being still is such a waste of time or being lazy. But to God it’s about taking the time to create timeless pieces.  He isn’t in a rush as we are.. He works in the scheme of eternity not the mere mortal time frame on earth that we are looking from.  Perspectives.

When Moses was on Mount Horeb in God’s presence, getting the commandments, God told him, “My people are quick to turn away from what I commanded them” (Exodus 32:10).  Yet this same time frame that God is referring to as ‘quick’, the people ‘saw as Moses taking too long to come down the mountain’ (Exodus 32:1).  In their impatience, with Aaron’s help the people in this ‘too long’ of a time created for themselves a golden calf using all their gold to worship.

Being still.. in His presence is relationship.. It’s about loving God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength.. it’s about trusting Him that His ways are indeed higher than our ways.. But we human beings love to complicate things and add unnecessary energy and drive and use our limited human so called wisdom in every way possible to move forward.  It reminds me of people who expend so much of energy on the treadmill running and running but not moving!  Likewise with the rats that run in their cages!!

Jesus rebuked Martha for being distracted by many things but commended Mary for choosing what was better, that wouldn’t be taken away from her.  What had she chosen?  She had chosen to sit at the feet of Jesus lapping up revelation, growing in relationship with Him.. to get to know Him deeper.

Those who believe in the name of Jesus and receive Him have the RIGHT to become children of God but it is only those who are LED BY HIS SPIRIT that are indeed children of God.

Why do we complicate life and waste our energy and our time and what not getting nowhere when we can sit still and with His leading achieve what is necessary and effectively!


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