Deleting … Replacing…

“I organize my time the same way I organize my house: by first de-cluttering everything that doesn’t belong” – Tsh Oxenreider.

I saw this on my friend Jamie’s Facebook status about a week ago.  The first thing that came to my mind when I read that, was that the same goes for the mind too!  As I was pondering upon it, I was wondering whether I should write on this.

Mindlessly, I scrolled down my newsfeed and the next post was a prophetic word through Laurie Roars:

I heard Him speak that He is in the process of deleting some memories that are no longer necessary to hold on to any longer. He is replacing them with His love and with His hope for the future.

Release them to Him, and let them go  

Today I felt the urge to actually get down to writing this.. no more delay!  Even as I do obey, this prophetic word is ministering to me at this very moment, make me realise that the taunt of the enemy is also through these unnecessary memories..

Unnecessary memories weigh us down.. They can be good memories and they can be bad ones too.  How often do we sigh thinking of good memories and long for the ‘good old days’?  Those memories make us try to live in the past.  The bad memories of the past if not dealt with, re-kindle negative emotions causing bitterness and thus affecting our health too.

Some memories could be something of the past that continue on into the present.  Often even if you have forgotten the impact of the past memories, others try not to let you forget.  They put labels on you.. and treat you as if you are still living in the past.  These are people who haven’t understood their identity in Christ let alone God’s grace.

Jesus’ words, “Whoever forgives little, loves little” spoken to Simon the Pharisee in response to his judgmental words against the sinful woman comes to mind.  People who have been touched by God’s grace will hesitate to judge based on what they hear and what they see… We often see such people punishing those who have been victimized.  God sees all that.

Even if the enemy is taunting you with the responses of such people against memories that are held against you wrongly, keep deleting them by CLAIMING God’s Word over your life, keep claiming WHO YOU ARE in Him.

It doesn’t matter what they say – even if the ‘they’ claim to be Christians – if they were followers of Jesus, love will be the motive not a superior complex.  God tells us clearly restore those who are CAUGHT IN SIN gently..  Speak the TRUTH in LOVE.  If people are chiding you or ‘correcting’ you, if there is no love coming through that, then you can reject that as not ‘truth’ but their own perspectives coming through areas that they need to deal with.

Just like our computers and pen drives need to be ‘cleaned’ up of temporary files, we do need to de-clutter our minds daily.  Renewing of the mind means that.  When the world and the enemy (directly or through loved ones) and even our own flesh try to taunt us to distract us, we need to RENEW our mind with what is of God.

Remember the enemy used Scripture too.. everything we hear needs to be tested and we need to seek discernment of the attitude with what is being said.

As memories come to your mind, take them to the Lord and let Him show you what is unnecessary.. let Him de-clutter your mind, let Him delete the unnecessary ones… let Him delete the thoughts of despair, of failure, of unworthiness, of rejection… Let Him replace it with the fact that you who believe in Him are loved, embraced, worthy, precious, royal priesthood, children of the King of Kings..

It’s not about what you do but who you are..

And to come to this point, we need to keep keeping on.. keeping on letting Him de-clutter and delete unnecessary memories.

Let Him delete… replace…!


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