Being Available

My heart was sinking thinking of the difficulties a friend who shouldered family responsibilities was going through without a job.  Weeks became months and no job came to pass.  This sounded really weird to me as I know she is capable.  As I continued to pray, I kept asking God the famous question, “Why?”.  One day while praying for her, I heard Him tell me the name of her phone service provider.  I thought God was telling me to make a payment towards her phone bill so I called her.  It was then I realised her phone was temporarily deactivated.  I contacted her through a media app and urged her to get her phone activated again.  She said she would within the next few days as someone was giving her a loan.  In the meantime I did what I could do with my limited means and I also circulated her resume.  My friends also stepped in and some told me that she could expect a call.  I just thanked God.

A few weeks later I asked if she got any calls for interviews.  Her reply shocked me!  It didn’t make sense !.  I suddenly had a nagging thought and when I asked her, I found out that I was right.  The phone was still deactivated.  It didn’t bother her as her belief is that prospective employers would email her if they found her phone wasn’t activated.

For her sake, I hope that would happen.  I know my friends had told me that there was no way a company would try alternative approaches to contact.  It’s a competitive world out there.. and if would be nice if the world would work that way but I doubt  (I may be wrong) most employers would have the time to send out an email and wait for the response to schedule an interview appointment – unless of course the applicant is overseas or is highly specialised.  She has the right to her priorities and beliefs – I respect that although I personally believe (I could be right, I could be wrong) that she is limiting her opportunities through it.

Now looking back at this incident, I realised that it was God responding to her cry for a miracle that day.  I had felt God nudging me to contact her and it was out of the blue.  When God put the phone provider company name on my heart, I didn’t realise that God was obviously nudging her through me to get that sorted out.  That part of it was lost in the fact that she had already prioritised her resources.  It could have meant that she missing out on God’s voice.

How often do we do this with God?   We tell Him that we want to hear from HIM.  Yet we ARRANGE our lives in the way we want to, and we keep open only one avenue and perhaps even a small time slot too available for Him to talk to us..  The other areas are all used up .

Obviously God works outside the box that we place Him in.

As I have heard it said, Jesus doesn’t want to be a RESIDENT of our hearts but THE PRESIDENT of our hearts! God calls us to love Him with our ALL… not just a little bit but ALL.. Is it of any coincidence that He uses the terms ALL your heart AND ALL your soul AND ALL your mind AND ALL your strength?  Couldn’t Jesus simply have said, “ALL your heart, soul, mind and strength?”  There is emphasis there on the ALL in EVERYTHING.

We say we want to surrender our lives to Him and that we want to follow Him.. With our lips we utter the right thing.  Yet are our actions showing lives that are truly surrendered to Him?  Or are we holding back MOST of our lives?

God is asking for our ALL.  It’s no point asking Him to intervene in our lives when we hold back MOST of our lives and just give Him a FRACTION of it.  He is often speaking but we can’t hear Him because we have limited Him, or because our minds are totally occupied and listening to the other competing voices and thus we have BLOCKED Him.

A heart that loves Him will seek Him first, seek to do what He calls us to do and arranges his/her schedule and plans and goals in the way He leads, increasingly steering away from the acts of the fleshly nature.

  • Are your resources rigidly planned out – whether it be your time, your finances, your relationships the list goes on? If so are you draining out God’s low whisper?
  • Are you willing to SURRENDER your ALL and be led by the Spirit, go with the flow as He leads on the adventure of the narrow path?

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