Seeing Beyond

I get the impression of a mountain – a humungous gray rocky mountain.  Imagine standing just at the foot of this overpowering mountain where you can’t see beyond it.  You take one look at the mountain and you think, “Ok, I’m turning back!  Why bother with this huge obstacle that is full of doom and gloom and struggles.  Life is cool on this side”.  So you turn back and keep walking a distance to get back to your ‘comfort zone’.

  • What if you find out that if you hadn’t turned back that there were a few options available for you?
  • What if the rocks that covered a neat pathway to forge ahead on the steep mountain just kept rolling aside as you kept taking each step?
  • What if you stood firm and prayed to remove the mountain that suddenly you find it was just a molehill that you could jump over?
  • What if you stood firm and the mountain simply disappeared?

Then if you had stood your ground and you found a way to go beyond what you saw in the natural only to find that there is this beautiful breathtaking sight ahead of you, full of God’s presence with doors swinging right open to allow you to walk into your ultimate purpose?  What if the means to your hearts desires were just there?

And just as I took a break after writing upto this point, I saw this following quote in my FB newsfeed:

It takes faith to see your victory before you fight your battle – FB

And to me that is CONFIRMATION!  We don’t see with our natural eyes but we comprehend our victory with our spiritual eyes..

God wants you to seek Him.  If you have been led by Him and you find yourself in front of the mountain, stand your ground.. Fight your battle the way He leads.. and then MARCH ON to see your VICTORY.. Victory in all that He has promised you and shown you..

Stand firm and expect the un-expectable!


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