Trusting God Despite…

I see so many Christians lashing out at Trump based on what they hear through the news.  It hurt me badly that there would be a discrimination like what I was hearing around me.  Yet I knew God had shown me clearly well before the elections that He was choosing Trump to be the president of America.  Trust me, I used to watch ‘The Apprentice’ when I lived back in Canada and even then I simply disliked Trump.  When he was standing for elections, I was appalled.. But God spoke to me and reminded me that no one is perfect and God has chosen Him for a purpose.

With the current situation, I turned to God and said, “Why?  Why is this happening?  But Father I know You chose Him and I know You are in control and YOU are working behind the scenes”.  God reminded me not to believe everything you hear or what you see either.  I started getting glimpses of some news that gave a different perspective of what was happening!

Give a journalist a piece of wood and they would love to make fire out of it.. getting people to read what they write or hear what they say is what their job is all about.  How far of all the information we get on the internet is true?  How much of the information and news we get is perceived through the mountain lens of the writer?  How much is actually a molehill and not this mountain that blocks the sight?

Yes, I’m a Tamil from Jaffna Sri Lanka.  Amidst the war many were trying to escape and go as refugees to the Western nations.  Many were played out and many were sent back.. Checking at immigration points at airports was severe for a Sri Lankan Tamil.  Yes, the governments were scared of letting in “terrorists” and it’s hard for them to decipher who the genuine people are and who are coming to the nation with ulterior motives.  A government’s role is to protect its people.  Else why have immigration laws and boundaries to start with?

Of course, having said that, I don’t recall of any situation where a ‘terrorist’ from Sri Lanka caused havoc on a population other than Sri Lankan background.  Yet Muslim extremists have been entering the Western nations for a ‘better life’ leaving their Muslim nations and trying to force their values where they have moved to.  Forcing their own values in their nationalised nation is bad enough but terrorist attacks to achieve this isn’t really acceptable.

God has called each one of us to practise hospitality.  He has asked us to entertain strangers.  Do we just do it despite it being a commandment in the Bible?  Or do we look out for the safety of ourselves and our families and even what we have in the house?  I know I haven’t always done that as there are times I have evaluated situations, asked God for discernment to know when to invite and when not to invite.  Likewise when I had dire need of a place to stay many Christians (who are now bashing Trump for not accepting ‘refugees’) wouldn’t open their doors to me for whatever reasons.  So it’s fair that they and myself have a valid reason not to invite people when they are in a need and disobey God’s  Word – but yet we still call ourselves Christians right?

I don’t know what is really going on.. I only hear stuff through media.  I don’t know what God is doing behind the scenes but I do know God is in control.  I know often I have got judged based on what others perceive of me through their lenses and I know how much that hurts.  I don’t want to judge without knowing the real facts and the priorities.

One thing I have learnt from my walk with God is that often in the BIble (and in my life too) He asks believers to do something that seems like He is ‘contradicting’ His Word.  But it never is a ‘contradiction’ as that isn’t God.. it’s the way we perceive it through our limited lenses.  Yet at the end of it we realise He is making it clear that it isn’t about law but it is about what He purposes for His glory and for our restoration into His image and with the desire of no one perishing.

I don’t know what Trump is doing.. I don’t know whether he is right or wrong.. but I believe in an Almighty God who is bigger than all that, who is supreme.. and I believe He is the one who established this authority and He will bring His purpose to pass.  At the end of the day, we are on earth to seek His Kingdom and His righteousness.


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