Setting the Stage

Someone recently told me of a dialog she had had with some religious leaders.  She was told that God had created women inferior to men, and that’s why He had created man first and woman after.  Obviously these leaders were men and needless to say she was frustrated with their mindsets.

God did create Adam first and then Eve.. yes.  Yet, this ‘fact’ taken out of its context has given them a warped theory!  I couldn’t help chuckle thinking that with their same train of thought, they should then arrive at the conclusion that they (men) are inferior to animals as God created the animals and the living creatures before them!  I wonder how these men then comprehend the fact that after Adam and Eve, God ordained every man and woman to come from a woman, not from the ‘superior’ man.

The order of creation is really amazing.  God’s thoughtfulness is evident.

In the beginning earth was formless and empty, it was darkness and waters.  God began to speak creation step by step.  Light to separate the darkness, land to separate the waters. heaven, earth, vegetation, lights in the sky, living creatures in the water and on earth… This all happened in the first five days.

Vegetation had their ‘needs’ (oxygen, water, sunlight, land etc) for ‘life’ already in place before they came to be.  When the living creatures arrived, they had their ‘food’ supply in place.  The stage was set strategically for man to arrive.

God then saw ‘that it was GOOD’.

Then on the SIXTH day,

“God created mankind in His own image, in the image of God He created them; male and female He created them” – Genesis 1:27

and He blessed them and told them to be fruitful and increase in number.  The reference is made to ‘them’ and not just male and not just female.  Both were created in His image and on the 6th day.  It was done in consequence for a PURPOSE.  Now turn to Genesis 2!

God created man and then He said,

“It is NOT GOOD for the man to be alone.  I will make a helper suitable for him” – Genesis 2:18

Before God proceeded to create Eve, He brought the animals and the birds to Adam to name them.  Naming someone – whether the official name or a pet name or a term of endearment shows RELATIONSHIP.

“But for Adam, no suitable helper was found” – vs20.

God gave the opportunity for Adam to understand, comprehend the need for a SUITABLE helper, and made him understand that a BIRD or ANIMAL wasn’t going to suffice.  (Is God speaking to anyone of you here?).

God is making it clear that it is NOT GOOD for a man to be alone, makes it clear that the animals and birds are not suitable helpers and makes the ‘need’ for a woman be known.  He then caused Adam to fall into a deep sleep (perhaps because He knew that man would protest otherwise – just for a chuckle couldn’t resist saying that – as today’s independent man who is so due to fear of commitment would have just done that if he was in Adam’s shoes!)

The stage was set for woman to arrive!!.

Then FROM MAN, God created WOMAN.  It shows how special she is, that she is not inferior but EQUAL.. a SUITABLE helper (NIV), a COMPARABLE HELPMEET (NKIJV).

When God brought Eve to Adam, Adam actually broke out in love poetry (which is lost in the translation from the Hebrew original):

“bone of my bones, flesh of my flesh”.

Adam is claiming the bond instantly… They become ‘ONE”, that means UNITY .. not hierarchal differences!

Then God saw all that He had made, and it was VERY GOOD (not just good any more!) – Genesis 1:31

God calls the wife to submit to the her husband (not just any man) – YES.  However, if that verse is looked into in context, the qualifying statement just before that is where we are ALL called to SUBMIT to one another!

Another main point to remember that you and I – every person who is a believer – belongs to the body OF CHRIST.  We are the different parts of the Body with its different functions with Christ being the HEAD.  Godly submission and leadership takes place when the submission first begins to God.  The BIble makes it clear that ALL PARTS of this Body are EQUAL, that not one is better than the other.  They just have different roles to play… to bring to the table.. and in the unity of the roles the ultimate purpose takes place!

Whether we are a male or a female, young or old, fair or dark, rich or poor, the fact is God created each one of us IN HIS IMAGE, and He shows no favouritism.   Each one of us is special and if we want to treat each other otherwise based on human prejudices and divisions, then that’s between us and God!

Through our love for one another may we be known as His disciples!


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