Low Whisper

God just totally surprises us in the way He chooses to talk to us.  I think of Elijah waiting for God to speak to Him just as He said He would.  Just as he was told, he went out to stand on the Mount (of Horeb, the Mount of God) before the LORD.  A very strong wind then an earthquake and then a fire passed but God wasn’t in any of those.

Obviously Elijah had expected God to speak in one of those ways.. Yet God chose to speak to Him in a LOW WHISPER.

Last week, as I woke up I took my phone to check the time.  What appeared on my screen amazed me!  The ESV Bible App on my ‘smart’ phone had been opened, navigated to Luke chapter 4 and scrolled down the page so that the following was awaiting me:

“The Spirit of the Lord is upon me,
    because he has anointed me
    to proclaim good news to the poor.
He has sent me to proclaim liberty to the captives
    and recovering of sight to the blind,
    to set at liberty those who are oppressed,
 to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor.” – Luke 4:18-19 ESV

I had goosebumps as I knew this wasn’t a mere accident but rather God’s ‘low whisper’!  This verse that Jesus is quoting in Luke 4 is from Isaiah 61.  Naturally I decided to meditate on those verses.  A few things caught my attention and I decided to check other versions too!

No, it wasn’t coincidence that God decided to speak through the ESV for this particular revelation.

Many years ago, not so long after I became a new believer, God called me into full time ministry.  It was Isaiah 61 that had leapt out at me as the Rhema word and I just knew that was my calling.  I recall being so excited having ‘heard’ from God and running to the two ladies who were discipling me at the time.  Both of them quenched my excitement saying that could be your calling especially as you are going through healing and deliverance ministry now, but it may not be for now but for many years down the track.

At this same time, I had got the breakthrough for my dream job, a job that I didn’t get when I applied for it just the year prior to that.  So then I convinced myself based on the ‘open’ door of the job and the ‘no open’ doors for ministry let alone ‘permission’, that I was to continue to work.  One lady however called me aside and warned me that I was making a big mistake as I know jolly well that i had been called for ministry.  I tried to convince her that I had told God that if He wanted me into full time ministry and when He wanted me, that He should let me know and in the meantime, I will step through this door which I thought was ‘obviously’ from Him.  That lady didn’t buy what I said!  Merely 6 months later, the job ended on a sour note, with much unfairness.  With that, I totally lost my desire to ‘work’.

My friends were getting really worried as they saw this ‘driven’ person who never gave up easily, totally having given up on work.  Then God began to get my attention….

See when I had got the initial Rhema word, I had always focused on just a part of it, “bind the broken hearted and preach the good news to the poor”.  After I surrendered to Him, God began to open the avenues to minister to the hurting. He began to teach me His Word night by night, revelations leaping out that my heart began to thirst for more.  I enrolled at a Masters in Divinity program at a local Bible College after God had led me to serve in Sri Lanka.  It was a burning passion to be equipped and prepared for what He had called me to do!  Yes, ‘bind the broken hearted and preach the good news to the poor”.

In the meantime, God began to lay a burden on my heart to stand up for those who are being oppressed – especially by religious leaders.. I became passionate to seek these chains being broken so that victims won’t be further victimised but rather embraced with grace to be set on the right path seeing God’s love directly from Him and through HIS people!

In my heart, I longed for opportunities to speak on certain topics.  I went knocking at one Christian institution after the other but all the doors closed with one ‘reason’ or the other.. One of the main responses I got, in my eyes was also that of ‘oppression’.  There was one place I hadn’t knocked at.  Recently those doors began to open without me having to knock.  In fact, i didn’t want to see a mirage so I was trying to push off the appointment but the perseverance made me relent.

Now we are working towards the particular area of my passion as that had been in their agenda and they had no idea how to go about it.  God connected us and I have been working (or trying to work while trying to fight the enemy’s schemes to distract me or throw me off path with ‘good’ things.. People don’t like NO for an answer) on the materials for this while having team meetings.

When this particular passage leapt out at me from my phone, two main things caught my attention!  Yes, this isn’t a Bible Study but rather a Rhema Word that quickened in my Spirit as a means of God speaking to me for my situation or rather walk with Him.

because He (the Spirit of the LORD) has anointed me

The anointing wasn’t yet to happen but had already happened; this anointing was from God and not man!  So what He wants done will happen.  He always had assured me saying “even though it tarries wait for it”.  This was one vision along with several other visions that He had placed on my heart for what seems donkeys years!  So yes, He has anointed and what He wants done will happen..

And this time my focus went off from binding the broken hearted and proclaiming the good news to the poor but to

‘set at liberty those who are oppressed’.

My heart did a skip – yes, it’s of wonder that I’m still alive heheeh!  It was total confirmation that what I’m doing now is what He wants, that it isn’t my flesh going forward but what He is wanting…

For a few months now, those who have been praying for me in the Spirit had been prophesying over my life saying, “Sister, it’s time for breakthrough and favour for you”.  The words breakthrough and favour were what kept getting my attention from everywhere.  Every time I felt low and I asked them to pray for me without telling them what was going on, this was the steady word.

Another thing that I noticed was ‘recovering the sight for the blind’ meant that the blind were not all along blind in the sense that they have the sight that needs to be recovered or brought out.. that it has been there.  Whether this is of the physical realm that of course will be from person to person in accordance to God’s plan.. but in the spiritual realm, He doesn’t want any of us to be BLIND but for our SPIRITUAL EYES to be opened!

Yes, it’s time to proclaim the year of the LORD’s favour

Do you want your Spiritual Eyes to be opened and walk in a whole new dimension?  Run to Him right now!

May we have a burning desire and the courage to increasingly reduce the noises and voices of the world around us and to be able to be still in His presence to hear His LOW WHISPER.


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