Misplaced Focus Perhaps?

Yes, I’m still persevering and progressing with my famous WORDAMENT word game on the smart phone.  Today I had found all the words with bonus points without even having taking time to glance at the theme at the top of the grid.  I often find that once I know the topic that my mind is focused on locating those particular words that it blanks out on being able to find the regular words.  This often makes me panic as the timer is running, lose time gaining nothing and lose focus on any other words and thus losing points too.

Don’t we often do this in life?  We have our plans, our goals, our ambitions and perhaps even our Mr Right specifications.  During the process of searching to find and secure these ‘aims’, we tend to neglect what is on hand around us.. we tend to be so focused that we lose sight of all the beautiful blessings in our lives.

Our focus takes away from spending quality time in the relationships (with God, with friends, with family etc) that we already are blessed with in our lives… it often distracts us from what God is calling us to do in our daily lives – seeking the Kingdom of God AND His righteousness, loving our neighbour, reaching out to the lost, carrying out the ONE ANOTHER instructions that the Bible clearly presents…

Our aims and goals often take us on a rat race along the wide path leaving the focus of the narrow path, not giving us time to rest in Him spiritually as well as rest the physical, emotional and intellectual aspects of our bodies.. It also takes away from enjoying the blessings of creation that God has given us to feel His presence, get a deeper glimpse of His Sovereignty, understand that He has the whole UNIVERSE in His hands and that His wisdom is higher than our wisdom.. Taking a moment to inhale that beautiful scent of the rose or if you are like me the fragrance of the jasmine flowers… taking a few moments to the magnificent ‘modern’ art of majestic hues splashed all across the sky during sunset.. taking a few moments to revive yourself with the ocean breeze or the rain drops.. These are not man made but God given gifts to us!

We ignore all these blessings in search of something that could actually not be good for us.  Anything that is robbing our time with God and taking away from delighting in Him is an idol.  Whatever we do should complement and come SECOND to the things of God.

Where is your focus in life?  Are you going to miss out on the ‘SCORES’ that really count because you are focused on what will give you MORE but necessarily don’t give you more… Sometimes, just like with that word game, by not focusing on the topic on hand, you can achieve that as well as more than just that!

The blessings that trickle in by God’s grace and favour

can never be outdone by the work of our meagre hands…

Seek FIRST the Kingdom of God and ALL THESE (needs) will be added to you!


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