I Can … But Should I?

Yes looks can be deceiving.. I’m petite but I really can carry heavy stuff.  People often get shocked as they automatically assume I’m frail.  Perhaps due to the domestic violence experiences throughout most of my life, I also do have a high pain tolerance.  Once I recall a doctor not examining my foot properly saying, “It definitely can’t be broken else you wouldn’t have been able to walk such a distance to get here”.  Well, correction – I didn’t walk but I limped all the way there.. and a month later as it was black and blue and what not, she ordered an x-ray to be done and then scolded me for not coming earlier as it was a broken toe and too late to be looked into!  Arrghhh

Even now I find myself carrying heavy weights – at least I try to distribute the weights – simply because I can.  Yet the question is, given my injured spine of years ago, should I carry heavy stuff?  I have been told to take great precaution else it can trigger a slipped disc problem.  It’s not about my ego versus looking for the consequences of my egotistic attitudes!  Yes, since people think of me as frail and young, I want to keep the youthfulness going (yes I admit it.. blank look on my face now) instead of telling the cashiers at shops that I have a bad back so I shouldn’t really lift putting pressure on only one hand.

So yes, I CAN do it, I’m able to do it but SHOULD I do it and harm myself?

There are a whole lot of stuff in life that we CAN do..but SHOULD we is the question?  Is it beneficial for us to do it?  Does it give us a temporary pleasure but yet leading us to eventually forfeit heavenly treasures?  Is it good for us?  Is it harmful for those around us?  What message does our doing this give to other people?   Does it glorify God or does it take away from God?

Anything or any person that is put in place of God is in essence an idol.

Some may respond indignantly to an action that there isn’t anything wrong in it.  For example those who do yoga would say it’s merely exercise and postures.  Yet in my eyes, having come from a Hindu background, I know for sure that it’s based on hindu spiritual powers and that is being drawn upon in certain gestures and meditation techniques.  I’m trained in Carnatic (South Indian classical music) music – vocal and instrumental along with Bharatha Natyam.  In fact, I used to always be on stage performing.  I have had to give up the dancing as that is intertwined with Hinduism and what I sing (not performing these days) I’m totally selective.  As far as the instrument is concerned, thank God that I can play ear music and thus Christian worship songs and choruses can be strummed.  Having said that I left  mine back in Canada and it’s a rather large instrument and pretty costly to buy a new one but I know nothing is impossible with God!).

What is not of the Holy Spirit is of the evil spirits.

Why take chances and grapple with something that is based on beliefs and principles that oppose God’s Word?  If fitness via yoga on earth is more important to you than living in eternity worshipping God Almighty, and you don’t mind taking that chance that it may actually be giving the enemy a foothold!

On the other hand, remember Jesus also condemned religious self righteousness and legalism.  So some of the decisions we make may sound purely religious but what God would actually despise.  Judgment without mercy God rebukes.

Many smoke for that moment of pleasure wasting away not only their bodies but others as well causing cancer and inducing asthma attacks in other people.. imagine the lungs of new born babies being subject to this.  In this scenario we certainly are not loving our neighbour let alone loving ourselves!  Not obeying what God tells us to do is unfortunately sinning.

Celebrating Christmas cheer with Santa hats bobbing up and down, singing ‘Santa Claus is coming to town’ to mark his arrival and bringing in the jolly chubby Santa Clauses .. well doesn’t that seem as if Christmas is all about Santa?  Where is Santa in the Bible and what role does Santa have to play in the celebration of the birth of Christ on earth?  Or could we be possibly taking away the focus on Jesus and celebrating Santa, a mythical unreal character, which then is making an idol?  Yes, the whole world is doing it, and it’s a moment of fun – we have the right to choose what we want to do.. agreed!

Yet God tells us not to conform to the ways of the world and instead by the renewing of our minds be transformed and that is when we will know His perfect and pleasing will.  Doing that is also a choice we have – a choice that we will make if we love God with our ALL.

“All things are lawful,” but not all things are helpful. “All things are lawful,” but not all things build up – 1 Corinthians 10:23 ESV

“I have the right to do anything,” you say—but not everything is beneficial. “I have the right to do anything”—but not everything is constructive – NIV

All things are lawful, but not all things are profitable. All things are lawful, but not all things edify – NASB

When we are led by the Holy Spirit, we will then automatically have a surrendered heart to let Him reveal to us what is not edifying and our love for God spurs us to not conform to the ways of the world – and even the hypocritical legalistic ways of the religious leaders whom Jesus rebuked.

Yes, I struggle time to time to allow the Holy Spirit to examine my choices.. and it’s not easy I agree! Very often it’s a struggle between the flesh and the spirit..

  • What if Jesus suddenly arrives TODAY? 
  • Where will that leave you? 
  • Is this ‘choice’ or ‘temptation’ worth seeing the banquet door being shut on you?  Remember fighting the temptation isn’t left to you or a result of your works but rather He wants you to lean on Him and call on Him.. and keep leaning on Him… 

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