Progressive Development

I heard God telling me about the alphabet.  Yes A, B, C, D… hahaha a writer been taken to think about the alphabet!  Then he told me to think of a child being taught the alphabet.  Our spiritual walk isn’t different!

He was saying that He takes us to the first step – A.  The He keeps us to BE STILL at A.  It’s a big thing for a child to grasp the letter, to know how to write the letter in SIMPLE and CAPITALS, then to learn with pictures words that start with A.  Yes it takes time.. a simple thing but it takes time to know and to learn to APPLY what has just been taught.

Then we are taken to the next step – STEP BY STEP.. to B.  The process continues.. And just when we think we have got tired of B and can’t we progress, SUDDENLY He takes us to C.

Then one fine day, we suddenly find ourselves completing the alphabet, learning words, stringing sentences and then writing essays.  We are never stagnant in HIM.  It’s always PROGRESSIVE going to deeper, intimacy with Him and going to higher spiritual levels.. Our ministries also keep evolving too according to our fine tuned tailor made preparation.

Remember BE STILL where He has placed you, where He is leading you STEP BY STEP and SUDDENLY…. you can fill in the blanks here with what God is leading you to fill it with!


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