Secret Place

Oops it’s not really a ‘secret’ place now is it!!  Firstly I’m writing this on a public blog.. and secondly it’s a balcony that faces the road. Ha haha but I shall still call it my secret place, my meeting place for renewal and intimacy.

What am I rambling on about?  I’m just thankful, grateful to God for the fact we have this King of Kings supreme God who created the Universes and all that is in it and keeps them all in there place.. and it is this very God who longs for intimacy with us.. At the end of the day being a believer isn’t what we do FOR Him but rather how we are WITH Him.

Day by day, I have my evening coffee around 530 pm (and yes those of you who are following my Instagram may have even got fed up with my pictures – and trust me, that is the reduced controlled amount!)..  And day by day, I take in the picturesque view of the ocean and the skies and clouds and the sun setting ensuring a remarkable exit, the moon marking its arrival for its night duty and the little but yet pretty bright star competing for attention in the middle of all this just in the same scenic view.

I watch the colour of the ocean changing throughout the different stages of the day but how it becomes violent and assumes a greyish green colour reminding me of the colour changing chameleon – but here to show the shift in the atmosphere that rain was on its way.  I have to keep holding myself down from just clicking away as not one day is identical to the other – despite me being in the very same location day in and day out. Invigorating.. Renewing.. Refreshing.. And I love taking in the aroma of my coffee, the breeze cooling me down, the whiff of the ocean competing with the mug in my hand.. all the while chatting with my Heavenly Father, thanking Him for such simple joys and for also blessing me with this ‘secret place’.  Whenever I’m tired or feeling emotionally low, I thank God that I can just step out and have this time alone away from the distractions of the phone and social media and internet and my laptop.. just me and God on this narrow balcony.

Of course sometimes a really strong wind splashes the water drops falling from the clouds onto my balcony tiles and not letting me stand there. Sometimes I wonder if God is in a raging mode when the lightning blinds my eyes and the thunder makes me to long to cuddle into someone for protection – and my bed and pillows then become my company, my safe place but yet with God nonetheless.

How God makes His presence known to us in so many different ways but how often do we tap into that or pause to take it all in.. to love HIM.. to let Him love us.. to replenish our exhaustion from daily life and taxing friendships..

But at the same time while writing all this, it dawned on me what if we could handle our friendships and also our relationships with that special someone in the same way.. I’m sure the more our intimacy with God deepens, as we find our identity and worth in Christ, it becomes easier and easier.

Wouldn’t we then be able to enjoy the blessings of the changes of the emotional atmosphere, pick up on the signs and step away.. and learn how to cope when it’s not all a bed of roses but where the raging storms sweep through the relationship..  Not one day will be the same to the next in any relationship just as creation reveals to us.

Find that secret place with God and a date time with God in addition to ensuring regular chit chat with HIM throughout the day, and to take time out with Him when you need that pick me up time.. As we delight in HIM, His love flows in us and through us.. healing us and enabling us to then embrace with grace.  Yet He gives us wisdom to be as harmless as doves and wise as serpents.

Yes Jesus embraced with grace the sinners, God doesn’t turn away a broken and contrite heart (not the heart that is behind the crocodile tears).. and Jesus rebuked the religious, those who were hypocritical and legalistic.. He didn’t mince His words with them..

There are times our love means disciplining, where we do not feed into their problems and where we don’t be their Saviours – no, we let God do that and intervene as HE deems fit.  There are times when forgiving means getting it out of your chest, speaking blessings over the person who hurt you and walking away when the person doesn’t see their wrong doings and are constantly out there to ‘get you’ or to ‘put you down’ or tear you down.  Of course that very person isn’t a person who has surrendered their heart to God and unless they do, nothing can be done!  Choices and consequences.

But for all this, to know what to do when to do and to have the humility to embrace with grace, we need to soak in His love, immerse in His presence and be human BEINGS.  That is the greatest commandment and the most fulfilling one too… God isn’t going to see your works, your charities, your ministries.. but for Him KNOWING HIM intimately and enjoying His love is what is key!

If we can’t do that for a bit of time here on earth how are you going to fit into heaven anyway where we will be just delighting in Him and worshiping Him 24×7 for ALL eternity!! whoaaaa I can’t wait! What about YOU?



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