Our Ways God’s Ways

One thing I admit or rather two things that don’t sit well with me, that goes totally over the top of my head.. that I just don’t seem to like are history and politics! Yes, I have said it.  A few months ago when I was hearing all these things about Trump, I began to really really really DISLIKE him.  As it was, when I used to watch The Apprentice when I lived back in Canada, I disliked his arrogance and his ways.

Then suddenly one fine day, I heard God speak.  He told me that Trump was HIS choice for the next president.  I saw stars… He reminded me that He used the wicked often to shake the righteous, and He also reminded me:

The king’s heart is in the hand of the Lord, Like the rivers of water; He turns it wherever He wishes – Proverbs 21:1

With that I knew that there was going to be a change in Trump’s heart eventually… even perhaps after him being elected.

Then after this revelation, I saw so many Christians getting revelations from God that Trump was to be the next president.  One friend told me of a prophecy where it was said Trump was the ‘favoured’ one.  I told that friend, I wouldn’t say Trump is the favoured one but I do know know as much as I dislike the man that Trump is the chosen one for a purpose.. and what is that purpose I have no idea.

Once I had peace in my heart regarding Trump, I didn’t let myself focus on media.  However, when I heard about Hilary standing up supporting abortions, I was thankful that it was Trump that was chosen and not Hilary.  See abortion is MURDER.  Abortion is destroying the life that God Himself has put together.  Psalms 139 gives us full descriptions of God’s view of us even BEFORE we were born.  No child is an accident.

People who BELIEVE in a Sovereign God know that He is SUPREME and nothing is out of His power.  If people opt to murder someone that God created, then that person surely does

not believe in God let alone love God.  A person who confesses to believe in Christ is NOT a believer but rather has the RIGHT to become a child of God….

But as many as received Him, to them He gave the right to become children of God, to those who believe in His name – John 1:12

 A person who is led by the Spirit of God however is INDEED a child of God.

For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, these are sons of God – Romans 8:14

A person who is led by God will definitely not murder an unborn baby.  In fact when people say, ‘mother to be’ I always think we need to change that as she is already a mother the moment she conceives.  Isn’t that the very reason why law imposes charges on two counts when a pregnant woman is killed in an accident for example?  That is accepting the fact that there is HUMAN LIFE already formed in the womb.

If someone can desire to bring the law ALLOWING an innocent little one to be murdered, then that person will not hesitate to take away any rights of another – whatever he or say may be saying.

Now back to the elections, I have had people ask me to leave GOD out of this… I’m sorry God is an integrated part of my life as that’s what it means to be led by the Spirit of God.  I believe God is omni present that means He is everywhere and in every situation… And guess what I WANT HIM in every little situation.  Yes even when I’m in the bathroom I chat with HIM.  I love Him and there is no place in my life without Him.. I long for Him to turn my heart inside out, and get rid of all the negative parts of me, the parts of me that are not pleasing to Him, the parts of me that do not belong to Him, the parts of me that hold on to ME and my own foolish human wisdom.

Trump is not a person I like.  However in life I have learnt that God’s ways are HIGHER than our ways.  God reminded me how I feel when others who reject me based on the wrong words I have uttered in a moment of anger, who do not know me but have rejected me based on what they have heard in the grape vine.. those who know me but obviously do not know me enough to misunderstand my values or misconstrue my friendship or be influenced by other peoples opinions..  the list goes on.. And I do know ONE thing for sure.  I do NOT KNOW Hilary nor do I know Clinton.. I only know of them based on what I understand them to be saying, and of what social media is telling us.. and I also know that most of these things are lies.

So I do not want to analyse Trump or Clinton as it will be using my foolish wisdom.. However I do want to trust God that He knows what He is doing and He has already changed my heart to embrace Trump as president even well before Trump was elected.  I know there is purpose.

The more God wants something to take place, the more the enemy will try to thwart God’s perfect plan.. as that will bring glory to God.  Even the horrible things God can turn it around..  Yet God wants a heart that He knows WILL surrender to HIM eventually..

See, Scriptures tell us that many are called but few are chosen.  WHY?  It’s not in God’s heart to see any of us perish.  However when we are stubborn and refuse to lead to His ways thinking our earthly wisdom is SUPERIOR to Him, obviously we are going to miss out.  Think about the parable of the 10 virgins.  Virgins indicate people who are set apart in purity…  these 10 were those who believed in Jesus.  They were with their lamps.  Lamps represent light, God’s Word is the lamp to our feet… The wise ones had a full supply of OIL with them.. Oil represents the HOLY SPIRIT who illuminates God’s Word and gives us revelations…  We can have God’s Word in our head as head knowledge but if we don’t have the Holy Spirit to lean on to lead us, we are FOOLISH and are bound to miss out on the groom Jesus Christ and the banqueting table of heaven.

Do you believe in God and led by His Spirit, then stop arguing and just relent to God’s will for whatever purpose He has ordained this presidency.  I know Trump is going to shine for God because God is working on Trump’s heart that is pliable… I know how much God has pulled me through and I believe He chooses not based on appearances but because He digs deep into hearts.. He knows who will reject His ways and who will conform to HIM.

Are you called? Are you chosen?  search your heart as to where YOU stand today.


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