All Set For Due Time

It may have been last week or so, but I recall a recent vision that I saw.  White puffy cotton look alike clouds in the clear sky suddenly transformed to dew drops on a glass panel!

I was searching the Bible for verses with key words and I’m fascinated with goose-bumps as I saw this verse:

By wisdom the Lord laid the earth’s foundations,
by understanding he set the heavens in place;
 by his knowledge the watery depths were divided,
and the clouds let drop the dew

– Proverbs 3:20

Why?  Well as I stand on the balcony each day (a few times a day perhaps) and chat with God, I am always amazed at God’s marvellous creation.  I gaze at it endlessly and have to control myself from not taking photos and splashing all over social media all the time.  Pictures don’t do it justice anyway.

As I take in the expansion of water that seems to be going on and on and on before it hits the horizon, I think of God’s creation.  In fact I was reflecting the other day as to just how much God loves us.  I mean just imagine the scenario:

In the beginning the earth was formless and empty; the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters… And God was saying “Let us” referring to the Trinity.  He had company.. He didn’t need us.  In fact He always existed and then one fine day He created us.  Yet before creating us, He brought light into the darkness.. sky in between the waters, land in between the seas.. and went on to create everything, set the stage and then gave humans the grand entrance.. well Adam was created and Eve was given the grand entrance (couldn’t resist that one! 😉 )  welcomed by Adam with love poetry!

So as I was gazing at the expansion of the oceans, all this reflection had come to me and I was thinking “God doesn’t need us but wants us… and He took care of every detail before creating us!  He could have created us like fish in the oceans… and not have bothered then to bring in land and sky and what not!  But He didn’t.  He loved us and made us in His own image differentiating us and setting us apart from a whole new level from the animal species.  (For those of you who try to compare humans to animals or the other way round please remember God created humans in HIS likeness not animals.. If you have compassion on animals are you showing that same compassion to those He created in HIS image and HIS likeness?).  Goodness He loves us!

Then a few days after all this reflection while gazing, I saw that vision and today the verse above!!  In the same verse where it talks about clouds and dew drops, the watery depths being divided is being mentioned!

The clouds let drop the dew..

Merriam Webster dictionary defines the cloud as ” a white or gray mass in the sky that is made of many very small drops of water”.  Clouds are formed by saturation of air and then at some point the air gets cooled to their dew points (Wikipedia).

I began to ask God for the interpretation.  The clouds always contain the WATER and it is hanging mid air so to speak.  There is a time when the conditions are just right that the clouds let drop the dew!

Why dew?  Dew was always a symbol of blessing and of refreshment!

The blessings that God has for you,

… they are already there waiting for you …

When the conditions are just right in His eyes at His time to be RELEASED!

The clouds that were holding the blessing of rain in thin air, in the expansion called sky is now poured out as dew drops on a solid glass panel like transparent vessels!  From unreachable to being on us!  When the dew drops fall onto the glass, the dew drops are OBVIOUS yet the glass isn’t hidden either.

Why did I see the dew drops on a glass panel instead of tender lush leaves of a plant for example, I asked the Lord!  The leaves wither and perish… the life span is pretty short.  However, the glass panel is fragile but if taken care of properly lasts for a pretty long time, a solid surface!

Are we willing to be those fragile yet solid transparent vessels for God?  Are we able to lay down our earthly worries, our fears, our striving of the flesh and receive what HE has in store for us?  Are we able to withstand the blessings instead of double over by the weight of it?  Blessings can be in various forms including and most importantly  SPIRITUALLY!

The dew drops that He opens the clouds to fall on us are REFRESHING with no sorrow added to it… It renews us without weighing us down.


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