Love Makes Time – Quality Time

When living at home, if I had to eat alone I would either skip my meal or eat for the sake of eating, a bare minimum but yet a balanced diet though.  However, my mum obviously knowing me too well would just sit with me at the table even if I had come back after a really long late day at University just to give me company.  Yes I miss her badly.. And now having had a really long stage of singleness and living alone – pretty much in all the years since my mother’s leaving earth..I have had to eat alone.  The pattern continues – I either skip or eat less than what I should when alone (and I see I do the same when I serve others too as my focus is making sure they are eating – talk about paradox).

However, now trying to re-gain the weight I lost due to my asthma attack of last year, I know eating more is important.  Ok so I need company but that’s something that is next to impossible given my life circumstances at least in the current season!  Then a tube light dawned on me.  I do have God to chat with, and what an excuse to spend more quality time with HIM!!

Yes when I stand on the balcony watching the beauty of His masterpiece, the waves crashing on the rocks, the sun beginning to slowly settle in at the other end of the ocean with wondrous hues splashing across the skies.. and enjoying God’s gentle caress as the winds play with my hair and blow against my cheeks… I have always thanked God for these lovely little blessings and HIs presence through this..

Now this meal chat time is yet another bonus time with Him.. and it has made my meal times way more enjoyable and enabling me to take the time to eat properly instead of letting my mind wander to all the household chores that need to be done let alone the ministry work and thus getting stressed!

And the best part is, this is what God wants more from us.. that time of intimacy just to spend time with Him giving Him the priority.. to take time to listen to HIS voice…   Prayer isn’t about us talking talking talking.. and commanding HIM what to do under the pretense of faith but rather yes pouring out our hearts and then listening in an attitude of surrender for His guidance, wisdom and direction..

Yet the most important part of prayer and especially listening to His voice is to love Him!  How irritated do we get when our loved ones (friends, family members, partners etc) don’t make time for us?  How annoying is it when they are talking on the phone in the little time they do give us if they can give that to us to start with?

True love MAKES time…

Do you love God with your ALL?  Are you making time to listen and to just soak in HIS love and HIS embrace?  THAT is what it’s ALL about… if your ministries and relationships are distracting you from that, then somewhere you are going wrong. 

God is reminding us to see His intervention and not be ‘do-it-all’…

BE STILL, and know that I am GOD.

Let’s not be the Marthas’ of this world distracted by many things including serving Jesus but let’s be Marys’ who sit with HIM in relationship enjoying His company!  Whatever ministry roots out from the latter is what ministry is all about!


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