A Safe Place

When people are hurting and need healing, a safe place where they can feel welcomed, accepted and not judged, a place where they can experience God’s love and warmth through the people is crucial.  Yet how do we Christians respond to others?  Are we known as the disciples of Jesus by our love for one another or do we claim to be believers professing with our words, but our actions show the opposite of love?

Yes if someone is caught in sin, we are to gently restore them.  No doubt about that and we shouldn’t feed into their sin either.  Yet how often do we judge someone to be sinning – not because of a word of knowledge but because of our own fears and suspicions?  Worse, how often do we also ‘punish’ others by rejecting, kicking out, excluding etc?  How do we feel when we are treated that way?

Yes true, there are many cases of distrust and betrayal around us.  Yes there are many single females who do seduce and lure away a married man… Yet on the other hand there are many married people luring away singles or other married people and likewise bisexuals too.  Is it fair to have prejudices against all single females just because a few out there have gone astray?  Then why not push away other married people and also single males as those situations can happen too right?  What would happen if you applied your fears of the fallen dynamics to everyone in your life?  Will you then be at ‘peace’?  What would happen if you pass away during this time?  Would your salvation be guaranteed?

Yes, we indeed live in a fallen world where anything can happen.  However where does our faith come into play here?

Married women who are jealously safeguarding their marriages and protecting their husbands from communicating with single females, well, do you really LOVE God?  Do you believe that if your marriage is a blessing from God that God would indeed protect it as you go about obeying HIS commandments?  If you didn’t believe that, then of course your jealously safeguarding of marriage shows that your marriage is an idol to you, that your marriage is coming in the way of loving God as you are unable to love your neighbour as yourself and it also shows that you seriously don’t trust your husband! Also is it because you don’t trust yourself to start with and you think everyone else is like you?

Any person who is led by the Holy Spirit will have the fruit of the Spirit one of the attributes is SELF CONTROL.  On the other hand, any person who is walking in the Spirit will exhibit in decreasing proportions acts of the flesh which also includes SELFISH AMBITION.

All those who in an attempt to safeguard their marriages judge and ‘punish’ the singles around them, well that’s between you and God.

For with what judgment you judge, you will be judged; and with the measure you use, it will be measured back to you – Matthew 7:2

Not my words – but the words of Jesus!

A hurting person needs safe places for healing.  If the ‘believers’ push away those who are hurting, where would the hurting people turn to?  Obviously they have to then turn to the ‘wicked’.. or rather they are being thrown to the wolves by these ‘believers’ who are obviously wolves in sheep’s clothing.  A believer would follow the example of Jesus who wouldn’t even break a bruised reed!

Jesus commands us to love one another as ourselves, to do unto others what you would like to be done to you.  In fact, Jesus says it is by our love for one another that it would be known that we are HIS disciples!  How would you feel if your loved one was hurting and broken, and was treated the way you treat others who are hurting?  What are your actions telling others around you?  Does it teach others that you need to disobey God’s Word in order to protect your marriage, name, culture?  Isn’t God the One who established the institution of marriage?   For how long will your ‘name’ be of significance?

Yes of course we need wisdom, but not our wisdom.  Rather we should seek God’s wisdom in every step we take.  Remember we are called to seek FIRST the Kingdom of God and HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS.  The whole purpose for us to be on earth is that.  In fact marriages do not exist in heaven.. they end right here on earth just as much as biological family ties do!

Jesus is sending us out as lambs in midst of wolves.. and He tells us to be wise as serpents yet as harmless as doves.  Is it culture that you are trying to preserve?  Well then how would you interpret Biblical incidents – Elijah was sent to the widow’s house to bless the widow, Tamar tricked her father in law to bring about a descendant which turned out to be the family line of Jesus, Mary was still a virgin and unmarried when she carried Jesus,  the spies were sent to stay at Rahab the prostitute’s house… the list goes on! Imagine all the gossip that would have induced! Did God rebuke any of these people?  Did God see the outward appearances or did He see hearts that desired God’s Kingdom?

Being wise and being paranoid are two different things altogether.  The more we trust in God, the more we know that what God has for us no man nor the enemy can take away.  Yes, the enemy does come to kill, steal and destroy but if we are walking on the narrow path, can’t we be sure that God will protect us and what is meant for us?

It’s your choice whether you want to safeguard your marriage or protect your name or adhere to the culture at the expense of obeying God (and disobeying God is what SIN is all about!) or whether you want to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit no matter what!

The five foolish virgins (people set apart for God) had the lamps (the Word of God) but didn’t have extra oil (the Holy Spirit) to light the lamps (to illuminate the Word).  Along with the five wise virgins they were waiting for the bridegroom (Jesus) and yet missed out on the banquet (eternal life).  Where do you stand today if Jesus was to come to get you?  Do you have the knowledge of the Bible buried in your heart?  Are you putting it into practise.

Jesus says clearly that His family are those who HEAR God’s Word AND put it into practise, those who do do God’s Will.

Which ‘family’ is more important to you?


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