Information OVER load

We live in an era of endless information! There is so much out there circulating on the various social media apps and of course on the web.  So many believe whatever they see or read. and promptly go ahead to forward it to others via the various avenues.  How are we loving our neighbours and how are we stewarding the resources God has blessed us and others with, through these actions?

What about the posts that people share expecting an ‘Amen’ for a sick patient or disabled child?  Do these people know that ‘Amen’ means ‘so be it’?  Are they expecting these individuals to remain in their suffering?  I twirl my eyes with much sadness seeing this ‘hype’.  What about the posts that are shared saying ‘if you have a heart, share and you will receive your blessing”!  Else your heart is of stone – some dare to add!  I wonder who will get their ‘reward’ at the end?!  Are Christians not understanding the Christian faith? Or are they assuming the way the other religions operate of making a vow and demanding is the same way the Living God operates?

  • Yes, for those of you (unlike me) who have a heart and do share, what are you gaining from this? Does the person whose post is being shared really benefit or is this believing that you are sowing good to reap good?  Have you even verified whether this is a ‘genuine’ post or whether it’s a photoshopped / created image or even an image from the web or one that has gotten into the wrong hands to get more likes and views to their own pages?

So often I see posts that seem ‘not quite’ right stating the death of a ‘celebrity’.  Surely then the trusted websites such as BBC or CNN will be splashed over with such information right?  I quickly search the internet and find that it is not on those sites and then discover that they are ‘hoaxes’.

  • How would you like it if one of your loved ones is ‘certified’ to have passed away when they are very much alive and healthy? If you don’t like that, then would it be possible that you could be inflicting hurt on others in the way you wouldn’t want it?

How often are we verifying information before we pass it on blindly and in many situations causing panic?  The ‘negative’ publicity of Coca Cola really bothers me!  The people who circulate that – well have they done the same tests with other fizzy drinks?  Isn’t baking soda and vinegar used in many household tips for cleaning etc?  So are you going to avoid intake of those or do you believe that for many things it’s all about moderation?  Could you be actually aiding the Coke competitors in an unethical way of boosting their businesses?

The ‘spiritual’ isn’t exempt either!

A number of people consider devotions and  reflections and any images that sound spiritual or have a scriptural verse included as ‘God’s Word’.  They then think they need to pass it on to every Christian they come across and share the good news.  A number of these people will have access to free WiFi so how much of data they use isn’t of any limitation… Perhaps this is their ‘ministries’.  If they are still infants of course this is understandable in one sense as they then perceive of others the same way.

Yet information overload results in people viewing the information and stops at the eye level.. without going into their minds let alone their hearts.

In fact personally, I have been so tired of seeing my emails and messaging apps being bombarded with so many ‘Christian’ images and devotionals from so many directions.  At least if it’s just a link in our inboxes then we can choose to open at a convenient time or delete them.. but when it is ‘forced’ on us to view it’s frustrating.  I have tried to explain to many that it is like them sending nursery rhymes to an English graduate while adding, that having said that if they feel led by the Spirit that any particular devotional or image will ‘touch’ me or ‘speak’ to me then of course to feel free to forward those select ones.   Some understand and respect that while others respond by belittling or condemning me personally by putting down my character even to the point of being blocked.  Yesterday one guy replied that I’m obviously not a ‘godly person’ as a godly person would appreciate any spiritual food (followed with a ROFL emoji)!


12 In fact, though by this time you ought to be teachers, you need someone to teach you the elementary truths of God’s word all over again. You need milk, not solid food! 13 Anyone who lives on milk, being still an infant, is not acquainted with the teaching about righteousness. 14 But solid food is for the mature, who by constant use have trained themselves to distinguish good from evil – Hebrews 5:12-14

When we are infants we see everything that has ‘scripture’ and treat it as if that whole piece of writing or image is God Himself.  Yet when we are mature, we learn to discern whether it is out of context or misrepresentation or twisting of God’s Word.  Legalism of do’s and don’ts is thrown out of the window and we learn that the life of a believer is about LOVING… Not just loving God but also loving one another.  We seek God’s love and grace to be able to be led in a walk of GODLY love.

Even in our ‘sharing’,  let us love one another and check ourselves whether we are wasting not only ours but also other peoples’ time and resources especially internet data..  Are we sharing these things that we consider ‘gems’ at the cost of loving one another in word and deed?  Could we use our valuable time more effectively for Him to perhaps actually carry out the ‘one another’ commands listed in the New Testament?


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