G0 Getter

My interests and talents are varied.. my brain loves to be pressing the accelerator at all times churning out new ideas whether it be in terms of craft or recipes or designs or projects to help people… With passions so strong for what I do, I used to be a go-getter so that I can put the gifts into practice.

Isn’t this what the world expects of us?  To wake up early morning put on your roller skates and roll roll roll through out the day, to be productive, efficient and responsible?  To earn and save and watch your bank balance and investments soar up with every aspect of your life covered by insurances saving for a ‘rainy’ day and also for retirement and for death and for your children and for their children?  And if you don’t conform to the world trends, you are considered to be lazy – many Christians would agree to that too.

Yet over the years God kept rebuking me for my such ‘beliefs’ and values’ and began to gently teach me His way and that of the Kingdom is quite the opposite to that of the ways of the world.  In fact He taught me that ‘sin’ wasn’t about doing ‘bad’ but rather good and bad are ‘relative’ perspectives and thus SIN is not doing what God would want us to do!

He kept reminding me of Martha who was distracted… She was distracted by MANY things and she was worried – that’s what the Scriptures tell us.  What was she doing that made Jesus rebuke her?  She was preparing to SERVE Jesus!! She probably was concerned about the minute nitty gritty details, that it all looked good, that it all tasted perfect, that the house was as spic and span as it could be with some addition touches of appearance (yes, i hear myself when write all this too as I have been there done that and still struggle with it too).

She complained to Jesus that her sister was being lazy and irresponsible by not helping her in the preparations… but Jesus turned around and rebuked Martha while elevating Mary! Mary had chosen what was BETTER – and the world would have thought she was so lazy and irresponsible avoiding work! Yes of course we have daily chores and even SERVING of God, the various ministries whether directly unto God or indirectly, but if those things are coming in the way of our personal time with God and in the way of what He would like us to do, then we aren’t pleasing God!

Being a ‘go-getter’ can actually be a sin – and I’m now in the process of trying to learn to not agree to do something then and there but rather take time in prayer before saying something.  Oh no, my impulsive nature with a heart to help finds me saying YES to everything someone asks if it’s in my capacity.. But is that what God would want me to do?  Or perhaps it is what God would want me to do but what is the time commitment that I should give it?

Have I learned from my overdoing or jumping to help people and ministries in areas where He doesn’t want me?  Could I actually be hindering someone else’s calling instead?   Sheepishly I look down.. and I confess it’s still a struggle.  However, now I know one thing if I’m not at peace when I’m doing something, if i feel pressurised or stressed, and I feel my quality time just sitting still with God is slipping, then I am learning to take a check on my life and seek Him – and set things right… And I’m also learning to commit my plans to HIM asking Him to bring about what He wants me to do and that He would stop what He doesn’t want me to do.. and I also ask Him to keep tugging at my spirit when I’m rushing in (yes when the fools rush in!) or when I’m trying to make things happen.

Our skills, achievements, talents, personalities, desire to help one another, family commitments are good things without a doubt.  Our resources are also good things.. but if those things are distracting our focus from God and His Kingdom and what HE would want us to do, and if all we are doing is for the welfare of our biological families or what we are doing is primarily for our biological families and then the left over for the Kingdom of God, then we need to truly ask Him where we stand with Him and how deep our intimacy with Him really is.


For those of us who ‘BELIEVE’ (not just with our tongues but from the bottom of our hearts and minds t00), we begin to understand that our lives aren’t centred around ourselves and we also understand the term family is not just the biological connections but rather those who hear God’s Word and put it into practice!

All what we do we then bring it under His sovereignty and commit it to HIS hands.  We don’t RUSH things = as being under duress or time limits is of the enemy not of God who works in eternity!  We learn to LET GO and let God bring it to pass in HIS time, way and will.  We surrender even to the point of SACRIFICE.  How many of you have faith like Abraham who was willing to tie his one and only promised son, the one he waited for 100 years – to the altar and even raised his knife simply because he heard God telling him to?  Well Abraham had faith and also was willing to go the whole 9 yards.. even at the cost of his own!  It makes me shudder and brings me goosebumps but that iswhat loving God with our all is all about.


For some of us God uses our abilities to serve Him.  However God tends to calls us and equips for what HE wants us to do… Moses stammered but God called Him to SPEAK… Jeremiah was hesitant because he was young, David was the youngest of the lot and merely a boy and a shepherd.. Joseph was also a young boy and was sent on literally a wild goose chase!

See when we use our talents and our resources and what’s in our bank accounts as a result of our own work, more often than not, we are the ones who get the attention, who get the applauds.  Yes they did well!  However, when we wait with our limitations and allow God to direct our steps whether it seems ‘productive’ or ‘efficient’ or ‘effective’ or even ‘lazy’ or ‘going around in circles’ or ‘seemingly pointless’ at the end of the day what He orchestrates and intervenes in will be simply mind BOGGLING and all will know that THAT was indeed GOD without a doubt!  I simply love those moments when that happens – when I see myself as a vessel and am amazed at how HE comes through using various vessels but without a shadow of doubt all know it was HIM preparing hearts and touching them to MOVE in accordance with HIS plan – not yours or mine!

I’m shared where I’m at in this.  What about YOU?






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