To Wait or Make It Happen

This last nomadic chapter of my life wasn’t easy but it surely had many spiritual blessings especially in the area of restoring me to His Image.  Waiting was difficult.  I was getting impatient and often threw a temper tantrum at God.  He would then still my heart.  Then the enemy would try to drill fear into me over the many years through a number of my loved ones and through those around me… “How can you get a place if you don’t search high and low?  Why don’t you get the Sunday newspapers? Go check the places first thing in the morning itself. You aren’t going to get a place if you are so picky / with that budget / with no advance payment … You should try searching a bit more interior places..  ” the list expanded on and on

At times I have gone to see places, at times in hope and at times with sheer panic and urgency.  I have made phone calls and not bothered making a trip wasting my resources. I lacked peace in all of those situations to pursue the ‘openings’ or to explore ‘my options’.  Yes there were people who jeered.. but I kept saying that in God’s time His will will come to pass – and at that time He will give within the budget or He will provide with the necessary key money or even give for free.  I believed there was a purpose for Him making me wait and I knew He had promised that where He leads He provides.  The key verse that I have been clinging on to these last 10 years of faith living has been “Seek FIRST the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these (needs – food, shelter, clothes etc as in context of that verse) will be added” = Matthew 6:33

Sure enough He opened doors that even blew me off my feet.  I had peace even while I was walking down the road headed to see the place.  Little did I dream or imagine to get something of this calibre.  Imagine if I had decided that waiting was tough and settled with something that did come my way, if I had walked through doors that were open but where I had lacked peace!  Imagine if I had decided that waiting was a waste of time and if I had taken an alternative plan and explored my options – say move back overseas – and had ended up steering off course!

A couple of days ago, I was meditating on Matthew 20:1-16.

I was thinking of those who simply remained at the market place with the hope of being hired even after a few hours had passed.  What if they had got distracted with good intentions of not wasting time and seeing to other needs or tasks on hand?  Yes, those who got hired at the start of the day first had their hopes up that they will get an ‘increment’ after seeing the way the ‘late comers’ had been paid equally as them… When they saw they were getting only the amount they had agreed on they began to murmur.

The parable begins:

For the kingdom of heaven is like a master of a house who went out early in the morning to hire laborers for his vineyard.

When God ‘recruits’ us for His vineyard, He meets our ‘needs’ despite the number of hours we have ‘worked’.  The waiting period isn’t seen as a ‘waste’ of time to HIM the way the world sees and perceives.

It’s also interesting to see the ‘master’ of the parable agreed a price with the labourers first hired.. but with those who were hired later on in the day were simply told, “Whatever is right I will give you”.  These workers agreed without a fear of being ‘under paid”.  I guess they were happy they were getting something at the end of the day instead of getting nothing at all.. They must have been surprised and delighted when they received the denarius!

At the end of the day, seeking God and His Kingdom isn’t about rewards and no one is favoured! It’s about God giving us what is right but most importantly it is about our relationship with Him NO MATTER WHAT.

What is it that you are waiting for?  Is it a job or ministry opening or fulfiment of dreams and visions or a marriage partner or finances or provision or a breakthrough of some sort?  Don’t lost hope! Don’t get discouraged!  Don’t allow the enemy to taunt you, to use those around you to dishearten you and lure you off course! God’s timing isn’t our timing.  His ways are higher than ours.. Don’t strive but let God be God!

Waiting isn’t a waste of time in His eyes as long as we are waiting within His will for His purpose and plan!  What we need and what He has ordained for us will be given to us IRREGARDLESS!

God makes ALL things beautiful in HIS time!


One thought on “To Wait or Make It Happen

  1. Beautifully written as usual. My good friend and I were talking about how different each person’s journey with the Lord. It is amazing how God reveals Himself to each and every person.Enjoyed reading this.


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