Rapid Change

So much has been happening in my life these last few weeks… I will be sharing more about in the upcoming blogs, but for now.. something I have been reflecting on…

I believe I’m entering a new chapter in my life.  Looking back at the past chapter, I see how much God has worked in me – moulding, healing, preparation and especially teaching me to learn to soak in His love first and foremost growing in intimacy with Him.  Day by day there are milestones of progress.. day by day experiences of change, of liberation.  Despite all the struggles and hardship of that last chapter I will thank God for each and every part of it as it has been a blessing of learning immense joy that comes from Him.  Yes, I learnt what it means for sorrow to last for the night and joy comes in the morning.

For each one of us who truly believe in God –

which results in a surrendered life – each day will be a day of change…

The sad part about communication – whether near by or far away – is that we are often ‘stuck in time’.

We hold on to what we heard last without realising the person we think we know

has actually gone the next level.  

When we begin to experience that escalated growth in our own lives, we will watch out for it in others too.  Growth is on a holistic level – physical, spiritual and emotional… Yes physical too – those who look to Him will be radiant!

I was thinking how sad it is that we people ‘reject’ others or ‘advise’ them based on what we knew was going on in their lives in the recent past or even from decades ago.  We all have made mistakes in our past or have faced afflictions which obviously affect us. It would be ‘momentarily’ if we are dealing with them then and there!

What we experienced and felt yesterday isn’t necessarily where we are at today!

 Change can be rapid and accelerated if accompanied with acceptance of reality, if walking closely with God being led by the Holy Spirit.  The emotional type of people will indeed lay it all out but that doesn’t make them weak – in fact that’s what makes them strong to push forward having emptied their baggage then and there.

It’s sad when we create an identity for someone based on their mistakes or experiences of yesterday as opposed to who they are in Christ and how they are walking with Him.  That’s what really matters at the end of the day… None of us are going to be perfect on this side of life, but what matters is a heart that is continually and increasingly yielding to Him.

If that is happening in our lives, are we able to extend that joy and perception in another person’s life too?

Let’s not be stuck in the past and freeze people in that –

in the process we are dealing with or ignoring a person who doesn’t exist in REAL time!



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