Making the Glass Shoe Fit

Out of the blue the glass shoe popped up in my mind.  The step sisters were trying so hard to make the shoe fit – the shoe that belonged to the dainty petite feet of Cinderella.  As ridiculous as it sounds, they struggled to prove that the shoe fit.  The fairy tale dream to marry the prince was all that it took to try to fit in another shoes – but not out of empathy the way the proverbs goes!

How often do we people do this today – try make a shoe we like fit our feet, a shoe that doesn’t belong to us?  Not a shoe literally but rather various aspects of life!

For example a single who has set her heart on marriage will set a ‘deadline’ in her heart to get married and then have kids.  If she hasn’t found the one by that time she will go out search high and low..and settle with the first person she comes across – and make him fit the bill.  In the process she may have her eyes on someone and scheme endlessly bulldozing her way through his life using tactics to entice and bind him.  After having made the shoe fit, she may even give ‘testimonies’ thanking God for His will.  She refuses to understand that she made God bless her fleshly plans instead of waiting for God to reveal His plans for her life at His time in His way for His purpose.  Her life will be of much insecurity with him if they make it to the altar as she then fears other women coming near him!  Obviously she sees them through her own wickedness.

Then there are others who are happy waiting for God’s timing but cannot withstand the pressures of community to achieve certain things by certain ‘timelines’ that are appropriate to the community.  A son may have to give up his girl friend and aspirations to do the ‘right’ thing by his family, take up the family business, marry a girl of the father’s choice and live grudgingly ever after as discontentment creeps in.  One can never continually satisfy another person’s desires or demands!

Even when it comes to ministry, some people want certain ‘ministries’ as they feel that gives them ‘power’ and perhaps respect – especially in today’s day and age where pastors tend to be elevated and put on a pedestal.   They make their ‘calling’ and ‘gifting’ fit the bill and strive to get there.  After all isn’t much reverence shown to the pastor saying “Pastor, Pastor”?  Yet interestingly Jesus is approached as simply Jesus.  Well the humility of Jesus comes very clearly through this too – as His desire was simply to always point to the Father not be in the limelight.

In all aspects of life, we take this fragile glass slipper and try to wriggle our feet = even if it becomes sore or if it is cutting like crazy – to make it fit.  The risk of the glass shattering in the process – or at least eventually – is overlooked.

If our making things happen is accompanied by the acts of the fleshly nature or if that is what is making us stressed out and consuming our thoughts coming in the way of our time with God, then we really need to pause as that is not the way of God!

Many of us do go to God to demand what we want for ourselves… we want to use devious methods to secure what we want, use the ways of the flesh to get there – and we want God to bless that!  Once we get that by hook or crook, we then glorify God for having blessed us with it.  We can fool ourselves and others but God knows us inside out… Not even a thought or motive escapes His attention.

God is looking for people who will worship Him in Spirit AND in truth… where our hearts and our lips are in sync.. He is looking for true believers who know that He knows what’s best for us and who long to walk along the NARROW path.. who trust Him to give what He knows is best and who can rest in this too! He wants believers that can SURRENDER their will and lives to Him who truly KNOW that He is Sovereign, Almighty God, Creator, Redeemer, Omnipresent.. well the list goes on endlessly because He is all that and MORE!

Loving God with all our hearts, minds, souls and strengths means just that – not walking to please the flesh but always being Kingdom minded.  Jesus Himself paved the way by being focused on what the Father had sent Him for.

When we try hard to make things happen, we may end up getting it but with that will come sorrow and lack of peace…

Faith is not making things happen but letting God make things happen in His way and His time in accordance to His Will 🙂

We take a step as He leads else we simply surrender, be still and know that He is God!  You will be surprised as to what comes your way then as it will be more than you can ever dream or imagine!




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