Blinders or Side Tracked

Blinders.. Blinkers..- whatever you wanna call them – are used on horses to prevent them seeing the rear and sometimes the sides too.  It is believed that it is used to help them focus on looking ahead without being distracted by what’s behind let alone be ‘side’ tracked!

Why am I suddenly thinking of HORSES and blinders?  I guess my friends would be curious right now given their knowledge of my craze for elephants and butterflies!  Well, these last few days perhaps even a week, everywhere I turn I seem to see prophecies about protecting your calling and to be careful of dream killers.

These are indeed timely words of encouragement and rebukes for me.  I have had many visions on my heart for a number of years…. I guess a number of people see me as a ‘dreamer’.  But even when I stepped out to live by faith many people mocked me, rejected me, ridiculed me too.  It’s been nearly 10 years now and I can’t even imagine how miraculous each day has been.. As a result of this, my book ‘Break Bear Bless’ has emerged and is in the editing process.

Yes. I keep holding onto these dreams and visions that I believe God has laid on my heart.  I don’t have the resources for it at present but yet I dream big…  Everything around me seems bleak and dreary but I believe in the Almighty Sovereign God who will provide where He leads at His perfect timing.

The dream killers come along our way to make us lose hope or give up or be side tracked.  Often it is the very pe0ple we love or respect that the enemy uses to lure us away from the narrow path showing glittering fake gold.  Two birds in one stone scenario or rather at least one of the two birds with one scenario is put forth.  The enemy can either succeed in luring us away from God’s perfect will or he can try to make us get annoyed with the godly people in our lives whom the enemy uses to plant good ideas but not ‘god’ ideas.  By getting annoyed we often break off vital relationships which then sees to unity breakdown in the Body of Christ.  It is so important that we discern the source and seek God for wisdom to know how to handle each situation to continue to love one another but yet not at the expense of doing His will.

We often think that doing ministry is what pleases God.. so we do and do and do… Without realising we take up the ‘we are the saviours of the world’ mentality forgetting Christ has done the needful already.. and that we are ambassadors of Christ.

My ‘Martha’ lesson continues on in life.. perhaps in lesser proportions than before but it’s nonetheless there.. and something I need to be alert about at all times. Martha was DISTRACTED by MANY things – and these were the words of Jesus Himself.  What was she doing when Jesus told her that?  She was preparing to serve Jesus!  Yet He pointed out that Mary had chosen better – to commune with Him!

You may be driving out demons in His name, you may be healing in His name, you may be prophesying in His name but if you aren’t having an intimate relationship with Him, God will rebuke you saying He does not know you!  Jesus calls such people EVIL doers!  Whatever it is that we do, whether serving Him or helping others or going about our daily chores – running ahead of Him and that at the expense of delighting in Him can have its consequences.

To run our spiritual race we need to be like the horse that has blinders.,, not looking backwards, not being set in the past, not making decisions based on what we see with our eyes and thus not being side tracked…

We remember that faith is not in the seen but in the unseen.. We keep our ears open to tune into His voice and be led by His voice, seeking His wisdom and discernment.

I know it’s a challenge for me to learn to rest in His presence instead of getting carried away or side tracked by ‘good things’ … which can still earn us the ‘evil doers’ statement from God!  And when I get side tracked I know I lose my peace.. and I keep feeling that small nudge to come back to His feet..

We need to discern which voice is from God and which is from the evil one – even if it’s from loved ones who mean well.. At the end of the day we need to hear from Him directly..and if we truly deeply desire to do His perfect will then unless we are disobedient to His voice we cannot miss the boat or block the blessings!



3 thoughts on “Blinders or Side Tracked

  1. It can be confusing, can’t it? When I’ve struggled with this I’ve found it helpful to ask others who love God for advice, and continue to seek God as I meditate on scripture and the wise counsel. It’s not easy to discern his will, but I’m thankful God sees our hearts and is a good and gentle guide.


    1. I agree with you. However as time goes on I’m realising it gets easier.. and it’s about living each day. I think the problem lies with the fact that we want a long term plan mapped out in minute detail. And as time goes on discernment of His voice gets sharper.. Yes I also used to ask others who love God for advice but now I’m realising they speak with love which could ‘protect’ us. But yes how thankful we have to be to God that He sees our hearts and that when our hearts are surrendered He gently nudges us even if stray

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      1. Yes, people certainly have their own reasons or agendas for saying what they do! Yes – very thankful for that! And grateful, in a sense, that God doesn’t give us all the answers and solutions straight away.


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