You Are Guessing!

It appears time to time – nowadays at a lesser frequency than before – in a large white font with a glaring red background.  Actually it doesn’t just appear it splashes itself across the screen prohibiting any more attempts of ‘guessing’ for a few seconds.. A few seconds in the span of two minutes is a LOT of time if you ask me!

The fact is the software of the game is ASSUMING a lot, a WHOLE lot! A paradox – here they are accusing me of GUESSING but they are GUESSING that I’m guessing!  I often play this game before I hit the bed and this is often after my long dreaded moisturising process.  With the humid weather of tropical Colombo, the sweat or at least the moistness tends to leave not a pretty sight on my phone touch screen… On days that weigh us down with heavy humidity, my fingers begin to slip and do a bit of a tap dance on the tiles of the game!  Sometimes however my mind is not fully focused and thus I tend to also forget what words I had swiped and sometimes I’m absent mindedly swiping away momentarily freezing with spelling.  Yes age is catching up with me I guess – well I use that as a mighty excuse.

So when this YOU ARE GUESSING glares at me across my screen, I feel like screaming or yelling or complaining.. Oh hang on, who do I complain to that the software programmers may thing they are being ever so nerdish smart but they are truly assuming a lot.  And when I still make it to the top 10% despite the ‘penalty’, I’m like ‘ya.. so there!’.

All jokes aside, I was thinking how much of a parallel this is to the concept of relationships – good old relationships.  How often do we ASSUME the reason of the behaviour in someone is due to a character trait as opposed to something that is mirroring the situation or circumstances in which the person is at that particular moment?  How often do we assume that this is what the person is like, judge, give the verdict and shun aside?  How often do we ourselves GUESS someone else’s behaviour is a GUESSING game too.. It leads us to hypocrisy and far from the commandment of love?  If Jesus tells us that we ought to love our neighbours as ourselves and if we fail to do that because of our guessing and assuming and judging, aren’t we SINNING as isn’t that disobedience to God?

When I’m playing the game and this alert pops up, I need to eat humble pie (or rather FEAST on it) and say, “ok ok, I’m guessing.. so it be” and now can the time out hurry up?  It takes a lot of humility not to be able to take it out on the phone let alone call it a night.  Well, I’m climbing up the score ladder… from being at about 31,000 rank soon after I started the game, I’m now at the rank of about 3,800.  This keeps me motivated to continue on despite the ‘hurdles’ and ‘obstacles’ posed by myself and my situations let alone by the smarty pants programmers!

I need to swallow my pride and keep at it.

This is essentially the same for relationships too.. We need to swallow our pride and our ‘earthly wisdom’ and reach out with an open heart, a mind that is open to hearing the other person out and figuring out what can be done next..  Then walls are bull dozed down and bridges are built… which is of course pleasing to God as it is all about love at the end of the day!  Jesus does clearly outline conflict resolution in Matthew 18.  He spells out the steps we need to take if a brother holds something against us!  How often are we quick to take those measures let alone go as witnesses for that given the fact Jesus assures us that when two or three are gathered (as witnesses) then He is with us?!

How often do we treat God in the same manner?  How often do we assume God is silent or God is punishing us and not understanding how we feel in a particular situation?  Isn’t that why we go to God and DEMAND that He changes the situation and caves into our DEMANDS without realising He is working behind the scenes and that in every “good” and “bad” situation He has a PURPOSE – whether pruning us or using us in another person’s life or preparing us for His Work!

How often do we PERCEIVE things through our own coloured lenses (which are often not clean either) and then arrive at conclusions and act accordingly to that?

Well, I thank God that He doesn’t do that to me – else I would be lost forever!  I thank God for the friends who have seen beyond my temper tantrums, irritations and other short falls – who have been there through thick and thin, believing in me, encouraging me and helping to build me up… allowing God to work in me and through me?

Who have you rejected based on GUESSING?  Have you prayed about the situation?  Have you asked God for discernment into the situation?  Have you done anything to help the person in their needs and situations?  Remember God tells us to do good to everyone but especially to believers!

Take a few minutes to spend time in God’s presence allowing the Holy Spirit to reveal any particular person with whom you need to set things right and go to they next level of showing love!

May we be as shrewd as serpents but harmless as doves!

Let us throw off all that hinders and entangles us and persevere in running the good race that God has set out for us… Let us remain motivated by the Kingdom of God and what really matters!


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