Take the Plunge

I believe that a part of the vision I saw early hours of this morning will speak to all of us.

A guy was fully protected with padded clothing and standing on a steep slope.  It was a ski slope.  He took a deep breath and took the plunge.

I believe that God is calling each one of us to take a leap of faith in various areas – whether leaving your comfort zone for ministry, whether taking that step to live by faith if called for that, whether proposing to the girl that God has been showing you to be the one He has ordained for your life, whether it is switch careers to do what is on your heart even though you don’t have the ‘experience’ or the ‘qualifications’ as the world would expect but you believe God is leading you… whatever it is that the Holy Spirit is quickening your spirit with right now, God is calling you to JUST DO IT!

Yes, it may look too steep and scary to handle but if you have prepared yourself by spending much time in His presence, leaning into His embrace and listening to His voice, if you have prepared yourself by meditating and digging into His Word, if you have allowed the Holy Spirit to quicken your spirit and illuminate His Word and lead you along the narrow path, and then if you have taken up the ENTIRE spiritual armour by putting on what you have to put on.. then well you are equipped and ready and protected like the skier for that deep plunge.

Don’t let fear of what can happen hold you back from what He wants you to do.. Remember where He leads you, He will provide  When you go through the waters, He is with you.. When you go through the fires, He carries you through unscorched.. Remember His angels are encampeth around those of us who believe in Him…

Letting fear hold you back from doing what He wants you to do is not only lack of faith in Him and lack of trusting Him but it is only SIN as it is disobeying Him.

Do not procrastinate, do not run ahead.. wait patiently and do not fret.. but if God has placed you at the edge of that steep slope take a deep breath, commit your plans to Him and take the plunge!  Steep and scary but protected and victorious.  May His Name be glorified.


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