The Battle Belongs to God

Last night I slept like a log after having had gone through a traumatic episode the night before.  I thank God for the empathy and encouraging messages from my loved ones and also their words ‘thank God that you are ok’.  I could have easily been stabbed or drugged but God protected me. So much more took place and He turned the situation around in a divine manner.

Last night as I was spending time in worship and thanking our Heavenly Father, I saw a  vision.

In black and grey hues I saw a major battle going on.  Weapons were being captured and hurled out of the hands that held them.  Then I saw a ring of angels holding hands. In the centre of that I saw God’s hands cupped together pouring something from heaven onto earth.  It was a goldish liquid – I couldn’t make out whether it was an anointing oil or whether it was gold liquid.

I know that this is a word of encouragement not just for me but for you too!

There are battles, spiritual warfare in the heavenly realms… Yes the enemy is out there waiting to distract us from the narrow path that God has set out for each one of us.  He doesn’t like it when we are not only obedient but joyful in whatever it is God has set out for us.

The enemy comes to kill, steal and destroy.  He doesn’t come at an expected time and he won’t come through an honest path… He finds loop holes through which he can enter and tries to destroy our peace, rob our joy and rob our time that is meant for God.

Yet God is totally aware of that.  He sends His angels to dis-arm the enemy and his angels.  Guess what, victory is OURS! The weapons that the enemy uses is grabbed out of their hands and thrown, destroyed.  Then the angels stand united in joy.. and God pours out His anointing, His blessing on us..

Be Still and KNOW that I AM God says God today.  He doesn’t tell us to strive, He doesn’t tell us to trust in the ways of our hands but He tells us to be still and know that HE is God.. The Battle isn’t yours and mine but it is God’s.

We seek the Kingdom of God … It’s not our kingdom, not our empires but God’s.  He is the King.. We are His children.  It makes us princes and princesses.  Jesus did as the Father told Him.  He was constantly in tune with the Father and went about His Father’s business.  Jesus had no place to lay His head but did He care? NO! His heart and mind and soul was consumed for God and God’s Kingdom.  The women who followed Him helped Him out of their finances.. His work was to do what the Father had sent Him for.

The enemy will try to overthrow and use all the weapons that he owns to do this.  But do not lose heart.  As long as we stay focused and in intimacy with Him, none can overthrow… The angels are waging warfare even as we speak.. and we will end up God’s greatest blessing of that anointing.

Well done my precious son / daughter – you will hear Him say that!






2 thoughts on “The Battle Belongs to God

  1. Wow, Priya. Very encouraging. I shared with my good friend whom I had shared this praise report as she was also praying for you after the incident. We were praying for your protection more than anything. God definitely moved and it is for ll of us..


    1. He is indeed awesome! I’m just marvelling at all what transpired.. and especially the word for all of us 🙂


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