Late Night Terror!

It was around 11 pm, the neighbourhood pretty much asleep,  pin drop silence prevailed!

This is the time I delight in sitting at my laptop as if putting pen to paper!   It’s almost as if the dark night was setting the stage to the drama ahead.  A noise shrilled through my ears as if stones were hitting a metallic surface followed by a thump.  My heart began to beat rapidly.   Yes, you would have seen the rare sight of Priya being turned into a statue if you were around- this is what ‘trauma’ does to me.

Minutes later, the analysis began:

Step 1 – Thinking:  The point of entrance:the WINDOW that was left open to usher in the sea breeze

Irrational thought 1 – oh goodness, someone is throwing stones at my window…Panic kicked in… Surveyed the windows, yes.. the stones must have hit the glass panel of the open shutters

Step 2 – Peered through the windows hoping to see the ‘evidence’ .. “Yes smarty pants, it’s pitch dark and you really do hope you have superman vision don’t you to see ‘stones’ on the balcony outside the windows where there is stuff stored too?”  Ouch, did I just let the cat out of the bag here?  Ya ya ya, I do talk to myself a lot!

Step 3 – “Cold… not even lukewarm!  I heard a noise as if it was in close proximity to where I was seated so how could you even think of the stones falling outside the window?”  Yes, my chatter with myself continues….Yes, I’m twirling my eyes at myself here too!

Step 4 – Survey the area close to where I was seated following the instincts of my ears!  Goodness what next?!  Oops, lying on top of the chair next to where I was lay half a cockroach.  Not crushed but vertically sliced.  What????  How could that cause the noise?

Step 5 – Further surveying … Ewww the other half is under the chair… Two cockroaches?  How weird… and then it struck me that it was literally a ‘half’ and the ‘other half’ that makes a one but not in the way we would think of that in terms of life or rather a couple!  This was just a lone ‘warrior’ who had to see its end in a rather pretty pathetic manner.

Conclusion – yes I’m pretty smart, I know! hehehe – The cockroach has come flying in through the window.  So a part of my irrational thought earlier wasn’t all that irrational after all!  Yet it has ‘hit’ on something to make that noise and it has landed sliced in half.  Yes, the fan is spinning on full speed and has been the weapon used in this late night murder.  I thank God no blood was shed!  Hmmm makes me miss the days when I used to play Cluedo with loved ones.  Yes, I used to more often than not be the winner!

All jokes aside, I was sitting back and reflecting on this real life incident.. however trivial it may be.

How often do we believers allow the darts of the enemy to come zooming through the windows of our lives – whether it be our eyes, or ears or our hearts or minds?  How often do we allow those darts to sail through and lodge itself in our lives, giving it a foothold and letting them take over?

I’m reminded of David at this moment!  The dart of the enemy was for him to first shrug his responsibility!  It was spring time when the kings went to war… David stayed back.  A little void opens up room for more arrows!  He went to the roof top… A beautiful woman bathing catches his eyes.. Instead of making the split second decision of turning away, he commits his next sin of adultery.  Looking lustfully with the eye is equivalent to adultery.  He feasts on her and covetousness creeps in.  That then spurred him to finding out details about her, getting her brought to him, her getting pregnant, several measures taken to ‘cover’ the consequence of his lustful eyes which finally included murder.  The enemy was given a foothold and then a stronghold.

But no, it’s not all as dreary as it sounds… The cockroach wouldn’t have encountered it’s fatal tragedy if it had watched its speed and acted in caution.  It could have avoided the spinning blades!  Likewise, David  became like the prodigal son of the New Testament!  He repented and did a U-turn with his life.  All hopes were NOT lost.  God was pleased with him and went to the extent of calling him ‘a man after his own heart’.  Thank God that He sees the heart and not the appearances, that He isn’t quick to judge based on what the eyes see or the ears hear!  No, He certainly isn’t like us!

We really don’t need to see our spiritual lives being burnt into ashes by the fiery arrows of the enemy.

Take up the shield of faith, with which you can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one – Ephesians 6:16

Doesn’t the shield – if correctly positioned – bounce off all the arrows shot at the solider?  Well, my fellow Christian soldiers, where is your shield, what is your shield? How is it positioned?  Are you holding it carelessly?

If you were indeed positioned in Him, being in constant relationship with Him, with your ears tuned to His voice seeking FIRST the Kingdom of God and His righteousness (not your righteousness but His), THEN your shield will indeed be a shield of faith and positioned where the arrows get bent into two!  Effective-less and made void…

Paul talks about his testimony of being a believer despite the circumstances.

….. in purity, understanding, patience and kindness; in the Holy Spirit and in sincere love;  in truthful speech and in the power of God; with weapons of righteousness in the right hand and in the left; ….. – 2 Corinthians 6:7

Prayerfully and slowly read these 8 aspects that Paul lists beginning from purity…

  • Which is the area that you lack or could improve on?
    It’s ok to lack as we are human beings.. However, this lack shows that our relationship with God needs to get rooted deeper and further… It is through our relationship with Him that we bear fruit – not by our works 🙂

Paul speaks of the WEAPONs he holds – the weapons of RIGHTEOUSNESS… and that he holds it the right hand AND in the left!  Food for thought?

The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds – 2 Corinthians 10:4

We have weapons not like the plastic useless weapons of cluedo or the metallic shimmer of the worldly weapons!  We don’t need to be the helpless cockroach that went flying into the very thing that saw to its end!

Meditate on the passages of verses above, explore the preceding and the following verses.

Understanding that these weapons have DIVINE power, God is urging you to seek Him for discernment and then to boldly lunge forward to claim VICTORY!


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