A Jagged Line – Not An Arc


It was closer to 1 pm in the afternoon. Noticing that it had started to rain, I dashed to the roof top to gather my clothes.  Yet as I noticed the skies, I realised that this had been a passing cloud and thus began to hang the clothes once again.  Deep within me – as it has happened on numerous occasions in the past, I felt that this was God’s sense of humour to get me leave the room and feel His presence through His creation and receive His reassurance.  The child in me began to search for the arc of seven colours that I was so sure He was going to present.

Yet on the other hand my human wisdom also began to fight for attention, to bring ‘logic’ into the situation.  How can there be a rainbow at this hour of the day?  How can the ‘sun’ reflect on the water drops and present that magnificent arc when the sun is at its peak?  In which direction would it make the magical entrance in this hour of the day – what is the ‘opposite’ direction to the sun when right at its heights?  Curiosity piqued within me.

My eyes wandered around the skies and zoomed into where a greyish cloudy area was hovering over the adjacent apartment buildings.  The other areas of the sky was bright showing off an appealing blue hue.  Sure enough my eyes had zoomed into the right area and there it was .. a LINE, a jagged line, not the expected arc.

God in His splendour and infinite wisdom, the Master Creator puts all our sciences and theories to shame.  Is it of any wonder that God clearly tells us,

As the heavens are higher than the earth,

so are My ways higher than your ways and My thoughts than your thoughts – Isaiah 55:9

True God has given us wisdom.  Yet it is within our limited human wisdom that we do all the analysis and come up with theories – man made theories.  Can we even grasp His infinite wisdom let alone the complex nature of all the things He has created?  Can we contain God ?  Can we even begin to try to contain His creation let alone dream of replicating it?  Can we even begin to fathom just one Universe let alone the millions of Universe that are in existence?  Can we in this limited capacity seriously develop 100% accurate theories and understand how nature works and operates?  Isn’t that why one day we will hear of research saying “Refrain from this type of food…” and then not even a few years later hear that is indeed good for us?

People put so much of emphasis on three square meals a day, so many litres of water to be consumed .. the ‘must’ list grows on.  However I then wonder how our forefathers lived prior to electricity and technology?  How the Israelites lived in the wilderness – would they have been able to have three square meals a day and fresh water to drink when passing through the wilderness?  I think of Moses up on Mount Sinai and Jesus in the wilderness for forty days and forty nights without food or drink…  Then I ponder on John the Baptist eating honey and locusts.  So does that mean all our ‘diet’ theories were wrong for that time but valid for now?  Or does that mean they weren’t living healthy lives despite the fact that their lives were without vehicles or even made out roads and lived for much longer than we do?

Then of course, I smile thinking of an image I have seen making its rounds on FB depicting a panda while posing a question that if a vegetarian diet is meant to be healthy then why are pandas fat!

But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise;

God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong – 1 Corinthians 1:27

In everything, let’s begin to step outside the box and seek His discernment and wisdom instead of relying on our limited human wisdom and theories.  Let’s not limit Him but let’s be vessels for Him to work through us and show His infinite glory!

Well, I know I’m not going to look for ‘arcs’ anymore and miss out on His ways of revelation!

Expect the Unexpected!


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