The Stolen Phone

I was busy helping someone buy a sari for someone else who was overseas. In the hope of taking a photo and sending it via Viber I whipped out my 4G phone which has (or should I correct to had!) my internet data SIM in it.  It’s a general practice for sales staff to drape the sari on a prospective customer in the hope that it would catch their eye better.  In this situation, I stood as the ‘model’ leaving my phone on the counter.

Another customer leaned in at the spot where I standing and saris began to pile over my handbag and bag.  While taking my stuff, I forgot the phone as I barely was able to see the shape of my handbag to start with! The rest was history – no, HER-story with a twist leaving me to suspect not the customer but the cashier!

What was meant to be a refreshing day ended up being a disaster.  I had to cancel all my plans and run to and fro, from one shop to the other, racing home, then to the police station and to the phone network provider.  Yes, out of all days, I had pretty much no cash in my purse and my bank was out of the way, so I couldn’t take the luxury of a three wheeler.. and had to go around in circles with long walks thanks to the one way roads!  Talk about touching the nose by going round the back of the head first!

My phone and internet bills soared in the process of the panic and frustration.  I thank God for my friends who not only were patient with my frantic calls but also made frantic calls in return for updates and helped in the ways they could . 3G internet was taking up more data, kept stalling and when I had to make a call, the internet would stop altogether.  Boy did I miss my 4G phone!

Yet, it did turn around, there was a blessing in disguise.  Every cloud sure has a silver lining.  In addition to my circular email for prayer requests, I had also updated my dad.  A few emails later with other stuff, my dad still hadn’t written to me.  Panic kicking in, I made an international phone call.  It turned out that he had been distracted with his new hobby!  Phew!!!

Towards the end of the conversation, I told him, “Dad, my phone was stolen”.  My tone was unusual, like a child and I wondered what had gotten into me, as that was never the type of rappo I ever had with my dad.  He offered to send me some money to buy a new phone and asked how much it would cost. So he suggested an amount in dollars and I asked for a little more than that – as in my mind I was thinking of the conversion rate that fluctuates. He ended up sending a bit more than what I asked so I was able to buy a phone and keep the remainder for my weekly rent!  My finances had dipped a lot so this an awesome provision for the week’s needs.

Now not only am I enjoying my 4G internet again with an ultra lightweight phone, but I’m also feeling lighter myself! It was a point of breakthrough for myself to be able to finally feel like a child with my father.  Never had I asked him for anything before in my life so this was a brand new experience and a liberating one at that!

God had been healing me over the years to learn to ask HIM reminding me that He is my Heavenly Father and that I am His daughter.  I always struggled to ask for help or something from people let alone God.  Living by faith for nearly 10 years has been helping to let go of the pride of self sufficiency, learn to depend on God and be inter-dependent with the Body of Christ.

Now this stolen phone helped me encounter the blessing of yet another breakthrough!



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