The More I Eat….

My friend’s mum was down from Sri Lanka… bringing goodies to Canada.  While she was cooking, I was raiding my friend’s fridge and cupboards – munching away.  Aunty took one look at me and said, “Can you stop eating?  You are going to spoil your appetite for the special meal!”.  My friend grinned and explained to her mum, “Oh, don’t worry about her. The more she eats, the hungrier she gets”.

Paradox but true to the point that I reduce eating so that my focus won’t be on food and my appetite is curbed.  Else all I want to do is eat and then feel sleepy.  Obviously writing then goes out of the window.  Yes, I have a high metabolism and I guess the fact that I’m Miss Fidgety who can’t sit still or sit lady-like helps too.

I was reflecting on this and I realised it’s the same for my spiritual walk too!

Jesus says He is the bread of Life!  The more I partake of the Bread, the more hungrier I get to know His Word.  The more I study His Word, the more I know that there is way more that I don’t know.  Each word leaps out at me giving new meaning, new revelation each time I meditate on it.  Never can we say ‘I know that passage’ as that is fooling ourselves.  God’s Word is Living and ACTIVE. It’s not dead.. It’s alive, it’s active.. And the Holy Spirit illuminates the Word if we are yielded to allow Him to lead.

The more we understand His Word the more we get to know the Father and we get greater discernment to knowing His voice.  My sheep know My voice said the Good Shepherd.  We begin to discern what is of God and what is not, we learn to distinguish the narrow path from the wide path, we know that sin isn’t about good or evil but rather about disobeying God.  One major area that God had been rebuking me was not writing the books that He had laid on my heart but instead going around and helping other ministries thinking I was being humble and looking out for others too.  It was all GOOD, or was it?  Paradox again eh?!

It would have been ok if that is what God wanted me to do but it was SIN because I was doing that at the cost of disobeying God in what HE wanted me to do. As we mature in Him, we discern what He is asking us to do and do THAT even if others judge us for it. We learn it’s not about doing good but it’s about doing what God would want us to do.

Isn’t that what led to sin in the first place?  Eve saw the fruit was pleasing to the eye, good for food and good for wisdom so she did what God told Adam NOT to do.  Not doing what God is telling us to do, and doing what God tells us not to do is disobedience.  If we loved God with ALL our heart and all our soul and all our mind and all our strength would we not respond to carry out His perfect will for our lives?  It is the lack of love on our part that causes us to please people instead of Him.  And not loving Him and not loving our neighbours (those He has placed on our paths whether it be geographically, biologically, physically or electronically) is violating His commandments – which is sin!

Are we so much in love with Him that we are getting hungrier for Him?  Hungrier to be enveloped by His love, hungrier to soak in His presence, hungrier to hear His voice, hungrier to lean on His chest, hungrier to simply be with Him and about Him and not to be about me and my needs and my wants…hungrier for His Word, hungrier for His wisdom and  hungrier to do His will, to seek FIRST His Kingdom…

The more we love Him, the more we partake of all that is of Him, the more we will indeed be hungrier for HIM and not for things of the world, the lust of the flesh or the enticement of the enemy!

May we be a people who love Him so much that we can’t get enough of Him. May we have a high metabolism for HIM!






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