Standing on a Foot

I saw a vision of someone placing one foot on a ground and testing the ground.  The ground was solid thus the footing was firm.

Today I feel God saying that there are many who have tested the ground with one foot and have found it to be firm.  However they have been standing on that one foot for quite a while.  The rooted foot is now getting tired of carrying the weight.  On the other hand the other leg is tired of being in an unnatural state too..  It’s a time of hobbling at present. The lack of unity between the parts is causing the body to go into two different conflicting opposing directions.

It’s time to make a decision – NOW – whether to plant both feet on solid ground abiding in the vine or whether to follow the world and satisfy the lust of the flesh.  The latter is temporal the former permanent.  Having two legs in two boats cannot work and soon will collapse.

Our decisions don’t only affect us but also the Body of Christ in the whole…  which is the Kingdom of God.  What are you seeking today?


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