Immersing in His Presence

Images of God’s wondrous exquisite handiwork is often to be seen in one’s FB newsfeed.  I marvel at it but it’s not the same as ‘experiencing it’ in person.  No image, no video can capture the essence of the feast for the senses.  I miss autumn, I miss the seasons – the pleasures of the platter of creation served to those in the West.. My favourite time of the year – where the varied hues of leaves fall forming a crispy colourful carpet all over open grounds. I become like a child and love to dance on this textured surface.

I see the rain and I run to search for the rainbow.  When I am around kids, I use them as an excuse to dance in the rain too!

Yet God serves a different platter of creation here with pretty much the same climate all year round with perhaps the temperatures dropping a tad end of year and reaching a maximum in April where we become sweat machines.  The waves of the ocean lapping on the golden sand of the beach of this tropical island.. with feet immersed in it.. simple joys.

I gaze at the margosa tree near the balcony. Sitting on my bed, I see the various scenes changing from one to another.. squirrels chasing one another along the branches, the birds fondly called the seven sisters hopping about chirping singing in high pitched tones never too far away from each other.  The velvety red and brown hued woodpecker noisily looking like a clockwork toy chipping away at the trunk.  A blue and brown kingfisher with the scary dagger like beaks perched on the nearby electricity cables.  Camouflaging into the leaves if not for the red prominent beak, the lime green baby parrot darting from branch to branch.  Crows cawing loudly as they hold their union session.  Not to mention the occassional appearance of a monkey leaping from the branch onto the electricity cable and onto the roof of the house on the opposite side.  Much entertainment all in all…  Such beauty, such richness, such exquisite details…

Yesterday the bright white puffy clouds in a clear blue sky caught my attention like always or perhaps like in a way never before.  I was thinking how sad it was beyond reach.. how lovely it would be to simply be able to cuddle that like one would do with a soft toy!  I often marvel when flying through the clouds by airplane looking at the beauty of the skies through the small panel of a window.. how it looks 3D and in shapes from below while we can actually pass through it..

I was so mesmerised gazing at that.. and I simply said, “O God. I LOVE you!”.  His presence becomes so tangible when we take the time to actually gaze at this gift of creation. Imagine all that being held in place, the sun, the moon, the stars, sunrise, sunset all happening in its ordained time without even skipping a heart beat..  The way the skies change announcing the different ‘times’ of the day.. Different hues splashed over the skies to distinguish between sunrise and sunset!

How blessed we are to have eyes that can take it all in, to indulge in this gift God has given us. Imagine living in an atmosphere devoid of all of this!  Even know as I write, I hear the squirrels making that one noise that really gets to me – hang on did I just say the seven sisters have a high pitched chatter?  Ooopss, in a contest the squirrel for sure gets the trophy for that capability!

Yes I thank God for eyes to see, ears to hear, hands to touch and feel, feet to walk and dance and feel as well.. Yes I thank God for the beauty around us that we don’t have to take for granted that He delights us.. and I thank God that HIs presence is simply in us and around us day and night – if only we will pause to reach out to Him, long to be in intimate relationship with Him the way we do with our loved ones on earth.

He is always there – whether you feel His presence or not, He is there.  He doesn’t just appear when you worship Him and leave when you don’t.  Whether you want Him to be there or not He is there.  The only difference is that we sense or feel His presence when our hearts are surrendered to Him.  Whether it be in a Sunday service or in a time of worship let alone in daily lives, He is there, He is there, He is there.  Our omnipotent Father is omnipresent having had sent His one and only Son to stretch His arms and die on that cross for you and me, He is waiting with His arms stretched wide open for us to run into His embrace and delight in Him!


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