Invisible Thing

I saw a vision this morning… a vision where I was holding something in my hand.  My other hand was on top of the thing to keep it securely there.  The thing was invisible – it was there, I could sense it but I couldn’t see it.  I was wondering what this was about.  And it struck me!

God often places something in our heart, a dream, a vision,…  (or many of them). It’s tangible, it’s already there but we can’t see it.  Just because we can’t see it yet, doesn’t mean He hasn’t already blessed us with the needful to make those visions and dreams come to pass.  It’s in our hands already.  Are we willing and desiring to see those visions become manifest?

Are we going to carefully nurture those dreams and visions?  Are we going to wait in eager expectation even though it may tarry?

It is already given to you although you do not see it yet.. It will manifest into something that is clearly visible soon.. No one, not even the enemy can steal or destroy or kill what God has in plan.  His will will indeed prevail.  Stay in faith and tenderly securely hold onto that promise even if the eyes cannot perceive it YET!


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