Hummmm whY do I have to put the I to be lit and burnt up? In a nutshell isn’t that what humility is all about? 😀

The I is indeed the centre of S-I-N.  It’s about keeping up appearances, making myself to be the good one, hiding all my errors and shifting the limelight to the ‘glorious’ sides of me.  When someone highlights my errors, we shift the blame to the other person and even call them names or block them from our lives.

Mind you, there are times when the ‘blocking’ or ‘withdrawal’ from someone is absolutely necessary.  Just like you wouldn’t give bottles of alcohol to an alcoholic but rather lead them away from pubs and availability, it’s crucial to lead away victims of abuse from the perpetrator… whether it be sexual or physical or emotional as leaving the person in their territory is nothing but feeding into the sin.  Loving the perpetrator means blocking them from their victims and exposing them as that is what will give them the first step to turn to God and heal.

However, there are people who block others out of their lives because they are walking in darkness, they need to ‘cover up’ their sins and live a life of pretense.  They want to sweep the dirt under the carpet and let it fester it doesn’t matter.

Seeing someone transparent being light walking in the light to them is dazzling.  It’s like when you have been in a dark room and suddenly a bright light shines right on your eyes – it’s blinding.  And with social media, it’s obvious more than ever to see these hiding mechanisms.  We get defensive when someone points out how they harm us or when they are being disobedient to God and even perhaps being lured by the Jezebel spirit away from the things of God and towards the things of man.

We need to bear in mind that sin is about feeding the I…. even the good things but if it’s all about me.  My works, my good deeds,  motivated by a pat on the back by others, my comfort, my wisdom etc.  Eve was tempted by the enemy and she was lured seeing GOOD things – pleasing to the eye, good for wisdom, good for food – to become like God.

Humility isn’t about pretending, it’s not dismissing your talents or abilities or gifts or appearance.. but it’s about  focusing on God as the Source and being led by Him every step of the way.  It takes a humble person to know without Him we can’t take a step as He is the giver of good gifts.  It takes a humble person to know that as much as we need God’s love and grace in our life, the people God brings into our lives need it too! By blocking or hiding from people that God brings (other than the scenarios mentioned above), we are showing we are a people of pride.  Hiding, darkness, pretense, acting all belong to the enemy, it’s about sin, it’s about selfishness… Yes loving our neighbour as ourselves is a COMMANDMENT not an option – and it’s not easy at all.  The acid test of a believer lies in this…  Are we loving each other as ourselves?  or are we wrapped up in ourselves with our schemes and selfish ambition (which is an act of the fleshly nature) and we want to cut off or block anyone who comes in the way.. The selfish ambition could wear a mask of being a believer but deep down there is a streak of rebellion against what God is showing them or telling them to do.  Acts of the flesh are contradictory to the fruit of the Spirit.

Humility doesn’t ask” hummm y should I lit up the I and burn it down”?  But pride does!  God exalts the humble and He opposes the pride… Pride comes before a fall. If you are taking pride in yourself, pride in not wanting to expose your ways and instead hiding, remember,

Everyone who does evil hates the light, and will not come into the light for fear that their deeds will be exposed – John 3:20


Therefore judge nothing before the appointed time; wait until the Lord comes. He will bring to light what is hidden in darkness and will expose the motives of the heart. At that time each will receive their praise from God – 1 Corinthians 4:5


Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them – Ephesians 5:11

God doesn’t promote pride and the hiding that follows.. In fact He wants us to stand up against the fruitless deeds of darkness!

Remember Jesus calls us to be the light and in light there is NO darkness.  If there are areas that you need to hide, ask God to reveal the motives as to why you are hiding, what is it that is not right in His eyes and ask Him to help you overcome.  Ask Him to reveal any evil spirits that you may have given a foothold to, perhaps being deceived by the evil spirits masquerading as angels of light.  Test the spirits – check the fruit of the Spirit vs the acts of the flesh. T he flesh is about ‘me’ and wanting MY will for MY life.  A surrendered heart will be about wanting God’s perfect will in their lives and it doesn’t matter how difficult it’s going to be it yields.

A humble heart is not only a surrendered heart to God’s perfect will but a surrendered heart to loving one another.  A humble heart doesn’t need to scheme but will speak the truth in love at all times.  It accepts its faults without having to shift blame, it takes ownership and works on issues at the feet of Jesus…  It doesn’t push off those who are honest or transparency but rather is drawn to it.

It takes humility to be able to love, it takes getting rid of the CAPITAL I to be able to love.. And it takes a vessel that has experienced God’s love and grace and mercy to be able to extend it to other vessels – all whom God loves equally.  It’s not about ME anymore but how much I can reflect the love Christ showed for me towards others! Think before you delete or block.  Ask God to show you which area of your heart isn’t yielded to HIM!

The speed of delete and block options you hit reflects the number of blocks in your heart, the areas of PRIDE  that prevent from God’s love flowing in and through you!


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