Imperfect = Perfect? What logic is that?!! Paradox galore doubtlessly!

How often have we made wrong choices that are concerning ourselves?  How often do we find we trust someone only to find them letting us down or even worse stabbing our backs or blocking ‘blessings’?  How often do we think we have found love or even good friends only to find out later those were all empty words or word of flattery uttered for selfish gain?  How often do we make decisions based on what we hear only to kick ourselves later asking ‘what were we thinking?’!

Worse is when we are believers we begin to doubt our faith, wonder why we were so ‘foolish’ or why did we not see all that coming or we wonder whether we have strayed from the narrow path somewhere along the line and now not tune with God to heed His warnings.  The enemy loves to use these situations to bring us condemnation, to wear us down, to bring doubt and more doubt and even more doubt in regards to our relationship with God, to make us feel so low that we even would pull away from God!  Newer believers may even blame God for their decisions too!

Yet, God says, NO!! It is not a mistake!  If you are indeed abiding in the vine, and you have surrendered your will and delighting in ME, then whatever you didn’t see is because I didn’t let you see!  There was a purpose in you going through that de-tour as you would see it, in My eyes that wasn’t a detour in the first place.. that’s part of the journey the way I planned it.

It is through the hills and the valleys, the storms and the droughts, the deserts and the fertile lands that you learn to depend on Me, that you learn to lean on my shoulders and feel my heartbeat.  It is through all this that you comprehend My love, that you receive My healing of all your pains and hurts and it is through all this that you become stronger and equipped for what I have called you to do. This is where you are moulded as a clay vessel and refined through the fire – you are the vessel in the Potter’s creative hands.  The refining may hurt, the refining may be a little too hot but it was all intended to purify you.

Don’t think I’m going to hold your words against you! Did you not know that even before a word is on your tongue I know it?  Did you not know that I know your comings and goings, I know when you are going to sit down and when you are going to stand up?

This isn’t just about you, but also about the person I used to allow you to go through that pain.  You wouldn’t know what I have done in that person’s life through the situation you are regretting.  Remember Joseph saw the dreams but he didn’t see all the issues that were coming..  It was meant for him to go through that and whatever harm was intended was turned around for good for those who intended the harm!  For those whose hearts are hardened, well those harmful situations will bounce back on them but it is I the Father who does not desire for anyone to perish!

No, I did not make you God – I am God!  You are not meant to know all things, but will see as and what you are meant to see.  With the comfort I give you through these trials reach out and comfort others… Stand firm and persevere .. Throw off all that hinders you and run the good race.

What I started I will bring to completion.  No one or nothing can block what I have in store for you. My word that goes out will not return void but will indeed accomplish what was purposed. Keep your eyes fixed on ME, I am the author and the perfecter of all things. It doesn’t matter what others are saying , it doesn’t matter if they are mocking you.. they did that for My One and Only Son too. Count it a blessing – your reward waits in Heaven.  Keep your eyes fixed on Me and seek ME and My Kingdom first and foremost.

Love Me with all that you have and love your neighbour as yourself.  It is by your love for one another that you will be known that you are My disciples. Love the one that is hard to love as well – My grace is sufficient for you. Just as I knitted you in your mother’s womb, so did I the same.  Love them as I have loved you!   As long as it depends on you, live peaceably with all remembering I discipline those whom I love.

With all your imperfections you are PERFECT to Me, My beloved child.  Yet I refine you to restore you into MY image!  Do not kick yourself as what has happened as you lean on me were meant to be!  ‘Imperfections’ in your sight are PERFECTED in my PERFECT will with a plan and a purpose.



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