So, in an attempt to ‘upgrade’ and make life a bit ‘efficient’, I went to upgrade my 3G data SIM to a 4G SIM.  To cut a very lonnnngggg story short, it took over 5 hours for my 4G internet SIM to be activated as apparently their system was down.  I had another similar situation like this a few months ago when I went to get a replacement SIM thanks to not receiving text messages for a good 3 weeks despite 5 complaints) and I was disconnected for a good 5 hours then with the same reason – what a COINCIDENCE I must say!  And the global award was just won by this very same service provider.. and I twirl my eyes.  Oh no, they don’t waiver their charge or attempt to pacify us with their lack of service and they will still disconnect our lines even though we don’t pay our bills because we don’t receive THEIR messages which gives us the due dates. Sorry for the inconvenience ma’m is a beautiful message of ‘apology’ each and every time.

So… disconnected from the internet, feeling rather cut-off, I was twiddling my thumbs and chatting with the Lord.

I was thinking how much we rely on the phone and internet to get so much done and when disconnected, we really feel disconnected. As I was chatting with God during this LONNNNGGGG twiddling the thumbs time, I just thanked HIM.. that unlike technology and even people, there is no need to ever be DIS-CONNECTED with HIM. He is always always always readily there for us, loving us despite how terrible we have been, despite how angelic we have been .. He just loves us for who we are and knows us by name.

In fact if at all we feel disconnected with Him, it’s not the ‘love’ provider’s fault but ours!  It’s because we have been feeling guilty of displeasing Him, of doing something He didn’t want us to do or NOT doing something that He DID want us to do!

Adam and Eve did what they shouldn’t have done and they knew they had disobeyed God so they HID.  When it was time for their walk with God in the cool of the day, they HID… sin led to guilt. Even when God called out to them, they gave an excuse of ‘nakedness’… sin had led to shame and hence they ‘covered’ themselves.  Double hiding!

We do hide from those we hurt or from those we feel we have let down… and likewise with God too.  Sadly often we disconnect with those who truly care for us.  God loves us unconditionally.. whatever it is that we do where we miss the mark, whatever it is that we do right.. it doesn’t matter.  God loves us no matter what.  He created us in His image, He knitted us together in our mothers wombs.. and He knows inside out more than you and I know ourselves even!

It’s time to come out of your hiding.. it’s time to BE the salt and the light and walk in light.  We aren’t perfect.. every one of us have falling short of His glory but the fact remains He loves us and is waiting to embrace us like a hen gathers her chicks under her wings!

A broken and contrite heart He will never despise, in fact He loves that kinda heart as that heart is the heart that will surrender to HIM. Don’t listen to the lies of the enemy, the enemy may be speaking to you through the ones you love that you aren’t good enough, that you don’t measure up and show your faults and weaknesses through MAGNIFYING glasses.  But God says, you are a new creation, no more in condemnation, the old has passed and the new has come.

Come out.. come out… He loves you and it’s only your wrong understanding that can keep you disconnected from HIM. Shrug off the chains of the lies of the evil one.. You are wonderfully and fearfully made. You are loved by Him and that’s all that matters!  Love will help you change in HIS time and in HIS way.. Don’t keep the expectations of people around you as your standard – you will never be able to please them.. Keep God’s love as your fuel.. Put the plug back in and be charged today – with HIS all encompassing healing satisfying peaceful worry dispelling love!


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