Stick within the Fingerprint!

A fingerprint in black ink was moving from left to right horizontally on a white background.  I saw letters appearing (as if they were being typed) within the fingerprint as it kept moving.  The letters weren’t legible.  After a while the letters turned to an insect, a beetle.  The beetle was moving along within the frame of the fingerprint.  Once in a while, it would attempt to change its direction of movement yet it always remained within the boundaries of the fingerprint.  This attempt however slowed down the progress.  The more it fell in line with the movement of the fingerprint, the fingerprint gathered speed and the beetle scurried along within…

I was pondering over the vision and a little while later, the Lord revealed the meaning.

A fingerprint is unique – no two individuals have the same fingerprint.  The fingerprint was in black ink, not purple or blue on a white background. It’s all in black and white, not unclear.  The letters being typed were His words being imprinted within your fingerprint – the unique individual called you.  The exact wording may be unclear but it was being instilled.

As time went on the lettering turned into a beetle, into life… The beetle was sometimes changing its course of direction and it was holding up progress. However, it never went beyond the boundary of the fingerprint!

God is saying some of you are sticking within His perfect plan for your life but sometimes you are attempting to change the course of the direction that God has for YOU.  You need to bear in mind that God’s perfect plan for each person differs according to the calling that He has placed on each one.  Each person is unique so don’t try to alter the course of the direction.

A beetle is in the stage of maturity – where it has transformed through the  process of metamorphosis and taken its current form.  It takes longer for someone who is yielded to God to go off course even if the desire of the flesh steers it!

Sometimes the turning of direction is due to the schemes of the enemy. Apparently beetles are beneficial to humans by controlling the population of pests.Don’t get distracted.  Use the spiritual armour that God has given you to conquer the pestilent spirits that hinder!

The moment you yield to His perfect plan, you find yourself being carried along effortlessly with His speed.. you are picking up momentum to achieve what He has placed in your heart, in your soul to do!  The will has been clearly given in black and white – it may not be known to your mind but your spirit is well aware of it.  All God is asking of you is to surrender your spirit to be led by the Holy Spirit – don’t try to work it out or plan things or compare your life with another.. He will just lead you with the flow.


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