Running Away

How have you felt when you see a loved one – whether a spouse or a child or a friend or a relative – anyone that you deeply care about – when they run away?  You see them struggling with an issue and they runnnnnnn, run from all the people who are actually there for them who love them and would go to the moon and back to help them or simply be there for them.  There are some who run because they are trying to save their loved ones from the heartache of seeing their condition – well they don’t realise it hurts the loved ones more to be shut out.. There are some who run who are actually running away from themselves as they can’t stand themselves, for their current struggles and perhaps failures…There are some who run as they are immensely scared of commitment and being vulnerable because of past traumatic experiences..

The sad thing is they don’t realise by blocking people out and getting pulled into more and more issues is making matters worse for ALL concerned – especially themselves.  The more one goes into emotional distress, the longer it takes to work through the issues and heal.

The prodigal son ran away from home – for whatever reason – and later he realised and returned.  His father had his arms wide open despite the son’s wayward behaviour during the time he was away. There was acceptance, there was embrace.

A lot of people who can’t love themselves, who hate themselves sadly feel that others can’t love them too – or won’t love them.  It’s hard to watch someone ‘hide’ when they are in sin or feel they haven’t measured up.

I was thinking how much it hurts to watch people whom we love RUNNNN for nothing…  And I was thinking how much more then it hurts for God to watch His people, His children, the ones He has created run from Him.

I wish people would know that He loves us no matter what.  Yes He knows you were going to make a wrong decision or a wrong choice, He knows you were going to utter that wrong word or stumble… Psalm 139 says it all. He even knows when you are going to stand up and when you are going to lie down.  But nonetheless even before you loved Him, He sent His son, one and only Son who had no blemish or sin in His life to die on that cross.  Why? Because His blood would pay for our sins, cleanse us and bridge the gap between us and the Heavenly Father – the gap that was created by sin.  Why did God have to do that?  Because He loves you!

He loves you with an everlasting love and nothing that you can do or not do will make Him shun you out.  Your choices leave you with consequences – and the worst consequence you can face in life is shunning HIM and end up in hell.

He loves you – whatever it is that you have done, whatever it is that you think you can’t forgive yourself for! He forgives you and He loves you – just run into His embrace instead of running away from it. He wants to heal you, speak tenderly to you, ease the pains of your heart, He understands the motives or the things that drive you to stumble and fall – give it all to Him and you will see yourself restored and being able to stand firm with your chin held up high… No matter what you do wrong, no matter how much you are hurting, if you would surrender to our Heavenly Father He will help you to love yourself as you realise how precious you are to  HIM and that your self worth is based on that and on nothing else.

And as you allow yourself to be loved by Him, as you soak in HIS love, you will also realise that God has placed people in your life as vessels of His love, who can hear the Father’s heartbeat for you and will resonate accordingly. None of us are perfect.. not a single one of us.. none of us have got it all together.. but in Him we stand firm on the solid ROCK who has etched us in His righteous right hand.

There are people who are crying out for you, who love you with an endless love – just don’t shut God out and don’t shut these people out. It’s more of a struggle to be shut out than be there to hold your hand in your struggles.

The whole purpose for life on earth is to love God and love one another as OURSELVES. If we aren’t doing this, if we are shunning people out because of our discomforts or our prejudices or our fears of hard work, if we aren’t reaching out to those who are hurting and running away, then the question remains, are we walking in God?


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