But Lord!…..

Back to my favourite game – Wordament!  I remember when I first got my first smart phone just over a year ago, and was getting used to the touch screen and began playing this game I was so disheartened.  I could barely make it beyond the 50% mark.  My ‘frenemies’ had been playing much longer than me, and thus were about at least 5,000 rank above me.  At my rate of ‘achievement’ what was the point of having ‘frenemies’?  I was at around the 22,000 mark in rank.  Thinking I didn’t stand a chance in getting into the top ten at least for ONE game, I decided I will just play to help the brain as word games are good for memory enhancement especially as one gets older 🙂  No, no, I’m not saying I’m old! hehehe.

Anyway I kept playing and gradually a number of the skills that were needed to play the game – speed, focus, navigation on touch screen etc etc began to be sharpened.  I have even beaten the frenemy to whom I was behind by at least 5,000 rank and now i’m 1,000 ahead at 6206 rank. My scores are on average 85-96% and I have also made it to the top 10 once with being in the top 15 a number of times.

Often as humans, we see all the reasons why we can’t do something and refrain from it. I enjoy sink or swim situations as that makes me realise what more I can do which I hadn’t known before.  We need the opportunities to sharpen skills let alone comprehend what we can do.  Our spiritual walk is none different.  The more I live by faith the more I understand how much can happen when I depend not on my skill set or on my limited mere human wisdom, but lean on my Heavenly Father’s strength and His wisdom that is way way way higher than mine…

Biblical characters were simply human like you and me!  See how some of them respond to God’s call and what happened after:

God called Moses from the bush on fire but that was not burning.  Moses instantly responded, “Here I am”. God says He is sending Moses to Pharaoh and Moses responds “Who am I?”. God assures him that He will be with him. Moses asks more questions out of fear. God reveals signs to accompany Moses. Yet he responded that he is SLOW OF SPEECH AND TONGUE.  God makes it clear that that it is Him that gives mouths and that He will help Moses. Still for all, he asked God to send someone else.  The LORD’s anger BURNED against Moses. Part of the task was assigned to Aaron (Exodus 3-4).  Ultimately (for another reason) Moses didn’t enter the promised land.

  • How many of us are like this? We respond to God saying “Here I am!” and then when God asks us to do something we come up with a million of one excuses – oh God but …. Sometimes we don’t even realise that we are doing this and that we are sinning in the process. Is God pleased with your words, heart and will being aligned to His voice or is God’s anger BURNING against you like it did with Moses?

God tells Jeremiah that He knew him before he was formed, and that he was set apart even before he was born. Despite God saying that to him, Jeremiah responds to his calling of being a prophet saying, “I do not know how to speak, I am too young”.  God responds “You MUST go…” and Jeremiah surrendered without any more hesitancy.  He is known as a MAJOR prophet!

Jonah fled from God when he got his calling! He knew the storm was ‘his fault’ and was thrown overboard.  He surrendered finally when he was in the belly of the fish.  He spoke and the people relented and were saved.

Esther put her life to risk after first refusing Mordecai’s request.  Mordecai questioned her, “Who knows but that you have come to your royal position for such a time as this?”, she made her mind up, “If I perish, I perish”. Ultimately her people were delivered.

Ruth without any hesitancy responded to God’s calling through her mother in law to go lie down at the feet of Boaz not worrying about what he would think of her. Boaz protected her reputation.  This once upon a time ‘foreign’ woman took place in the lineage of Jesus Christ.

Rebekah responded to Abraham’s servant without any hesitancy as well and fulfilled God’s will for being chosen as Isaac’s wife through whom he healed from his mourning.

Joseph, a man I admire, had visions of himself ruling over his family. He found himself in adverse situations that were the extreme opposite from being a slave to being in prison.  Joseph was faced with false accusations and not once has the  Bible recorded him grumbling or asking why let alone doubting his calling.  Many many years later, a turn of events did lead to the fulfilling of the vision to the good for the very brothers who treated him like dirt.

  • How often do we make fun of someone’s calling or what God has spoken to them about? We need to watch out as we don’t know whether we will end up like the brothers of Joseph as God can turn things around in an instant and God does exalt the humble.

Mary Mother of Jesus asked ‘how can it be?’ when she was told that she, a virgin, will conceive and carry Jesus.  Despite the culture (where women are stoned for adultery) and her reputation being at stake (who would believe her even if she told them?) Mary simply surrendered, “I am the Lord’s servant. May your word to me be fulfilled” (Luke 1:38).

  • What is your response to God’s voice today? What are your excuses in light of all this to respond to God’s calling?  What is holding you back from obeying His voice to you today?

How the world (and most structured Christian organisations / churches are not exempt) select candidates for a task is based on qualifications and ‘stability’ with good references and a good reputation.  None of the biblical characters would be chosen by Christian institutions today and in essence are defeating the very nature and ways of God with their ways of ‘selection’.

As believers we need to become a people who hear God’s voice and not judge by appearances but respond to God’s calling for the way we are right now and how He is working in us and through us for His plan and His glory.  Let’s not judge by outer appearances and how we see or feel but let’s be a people who want to know God’s heartbeat for people and see through His eyes!

We have nothing to lose when we heed to His voice as He makes all things beautiful in His time.  We have everything to lose when we disobey though!


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