Less Than Perfect

I know the more I grow in Christ, the more I’m aware of my shortcomings, my failures, my weaknesses, my insecurities, my fears…  I know I’m less than perfect and I can see how far I have to go.  Often I disobey God – a lot of times I don’t even realise it until God has to convict me through His Holy Spirit and I need to repent.  Sometimes I have disobeyed out of fear or out of a desire to please people at the expense of displeasing God.  I can be on a roll of confessions here and I’m not ashamed to admit it.  Yet, I also know that there is no condemnation in Christ as we are now a NEW CREATION.  Without holiness we cannot see God and that makes me long to be holy in His sight to be able to have intimacy with Him and that spurs me on.

Yes, I’m less than perfect and I’m far from perfect.  And am I a godly woman?  Yes of course I am!  This is why I need Christ.

I also recognise the fact that all our battles are not about our flesh and blood… There is a lot of stuff going on in the spiritual realm.  The enemy just doesn’t want people being on fire for God and surrendering to His will and recognising their identity in Christ.  So he roams around like a roaring lion seeking who he can devour.  Yet God tells us to put on our spiritual armour and pray.

Nonetheless we are human beings so more often than not, especially when we were still feeding on spiritual milk, we have given the enemy a foothold… Areas where we have perhaps succumbed to the temptations that he has dangled in front of us, areas where we have listened to the lies of the enemy through loved ones, areas where we have let the world shape us and take over our minds… We go through deliverance but sometimes there are areas that are lingering that we haven’t surrendered… Sometimes God hasn’t revealed certain areas which He may perhaps feel that we aren’t mature enough to handle or sometimes God allows certain areas for us to feel and embrace His comfort and thus be able to empathise with others and extend the Father’s comfort.

I am so grateful to God for all these scenarios in my life as these have helped to shape me and restore me back into God’s image and likeness… I am so grateful for all these experiences in my life as this helps break down my prejudices and my pride.. and helps me reach out to others in love and love them as myself.. I am so thankful to God’s grace and mercy being outpoured into my life and I thank God that as a result of that I can extend it to others as well.

The more we grow through this, we won’t expect others around us to be perfect either. We recognise the fact that men and women – godly men and godly women – who are surrendering increasingly to God are FAR FROM PERFECT but they are humble and honest about it… They live a transparent life.  Yet there are areas in their life that need healing too as much as they exist in our lives.  Just as we have come a long way they too would have come a long way but not perfect.

So when it comes to relationships – whether friendships or whether looking for prospective partners – let us not put impossible standards and have impossible expectations – expecting a perfect person from the other because that is hypocritical as we ourselves are not perfect.  Just like us, the godly person God has for us singles in His perfect will, or the marriage partner that the married couples already have – are also far from perfect.  God is calling us to be comparable helpers – to help build one another and through marriage be a witness as to how Christ loved the church.  Let us ask God for discernment as to why the other people involved in the plans God has revealed to us are responding in a certain way.  Often females are more relational thus are able to easily comprehend what God is speaking in terms of relationships given her nature to love… Men are often hesitant in those areas.  So is it of any wonder that Ruth was sent to Boaz and Rebekah was brought to Isaac?  Isaac accepted Rebekah then and there.  However Boaz delayed – he had noticed Ruth in his fields and cared about her.  It wasn’t till after Naomi sent Ruth to his feet that Boaz decided to do the ‘right’ thing by her rightful kinsman-redeemer and then surrendered. Apparently this act of laying at the feet was actually a marriage proposal in the culture – so I read somewhere.  It must have been humiliating for Ruth not knowing what to expect.  Yet, a woman is called to be submissive and perhaps Boaz needed that nudge or the touch of love for whatever reason – so it’s something women need to be aware of and not at all easy.

At the end of the day it boils down to hearing God’s voice and acting on what He has called us to do.  And it takes two to tango – both to obey God’s voice.  Plus there is a PERFECT time too for two imperfect people to surrender to God’s PERFECT will knowing that both involved are imperfect!

Life isn’t straight forward… often God reveals His will to the different people concerned at different times… and how we respond to that also depends on how much we are surrendered to Him.  God created Adam and told him not to eat of the forbidden tree.  He then created Eve… It was obvious then that Adam had passed on the commandment.  Eve disobeyed and so did Adam – instead of looking out for Eve and obeying God’s Word, Adam gave in to the temptation and failed in leadership participating of the fruit.

Let’s always extend grace to one another and wait upon God to hear His voice – as a still small whisper and not doubt when the enemy places doubt based on what we see and perceive.  Let’s edify one another and hold hands with one another to wage spiritual warfare.. Let us be like a Caleb of a different spirit who follows God wholeheartedly.. not being distracted by what is seen by the naked eye.

God works through the imperfect – He always has and will always do so as none of us are going to be perfect until we enter eternity!

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