Human Doings or Human Beings

For the last few weeks, every time I planned my week, nothing went according to the plan… In fact I even fell sick – and have been more or less down with breathing difficulties.  The weather being damp and cool suddenly fluctuating to warm spells hasn’t helped either.  After having been in bed for over a week, and with my ‘to-do’ list pressing on me, I decided to venture out for a bit – for some ‘fresh’ air and ‘space’ out of this cramped up room.  I felt ok and vibrant – and within a couple of hours of going about with all my items on my list also flopping and being unsuccessful, I suddenly found myself struggling to breathe, unable to walk.. that I even caught a three-wheeler for the short distance that I had to walk.  Upon reaching home that day, I was rattled even more by the enemy – but that’s another story. I ran up the stairs to my room crying – and that just makes the breathing worse… Getting emotional aggravates breathing issues.

I had come home with the desire to just chuck out my lists, my agendas and to simply rest – physically as well at His feet.  That was threatened upon reaching back for which I had to say NO  and which led to the long story.

The enemy loves to use people – especially those we love – to distract us from doing what God wants us to do.. and especially when that ‘doing’ is nothing but merely ‘being’.

It’s nearly two weeks since I have been resting for the most part.. I have hardly eaten.. the times I eat properly the breathing gets difficult all over again.  Today as I woke up, I was like when Lord can I get out of this time of being “unproductive” and being “useless”.  People are also going to think I’m being lazy and irresponsible.  God’s chiding was loud and clear…” So what?  I’m asking you to rest at my feet and to prepare you for what’s next, to intercede for people.. Why do you need to answer to anyone else? This is your calling.. for this current time that I have set”.  God allowed this time of breathing issues to get my attention and stay put.. to be a human BEING.

He reminded me that He created us to be human beings not human doings… Unfortunately, today’s world finds their security in their doings… and feel amiss in being…  Of course when I talk about human beings, I’m surely not talking about the couch potatoes!

The world needs to run after security, from the things of the world.  People around us in the world are being homeless despite having homes due to natural disasters or human wars…  I think of the people all over the world being hit by natural disasters such as the tsunami, earth quakes, floodings, bush fire, storms etc… People who had their security – who had been ‘wise’ in the eyes of the world – who had their houses, bank balances, insurances, vehicles… and who had to grasp on to help of others in these times where their ‘securities’ were blown away out of reach.  They didn’t come to their aid after all.

It’s interesting to note how many ‘Christians’ still run after these things first and foremost in life – their time is spent trying to secure all this for the sake of ‘their’ own security… And in the same breath many of them speak of the ‘last days’ that the world is coming to an end.

For the pagans run after all these things, and your heavenly Father knows that you need them.  But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.- Matthew 6:32-34

Those were the words of Jesus Himself.  Jesus calls us PAGANS when we have misplaced priorities, when we chase after the needs of this life.  If we trusted in this promise of His, would we truly be chasing after material wealth or would we chase His Kingdom knowing that He will then meet our needs just as He has promised?  We say we love Jesus.. but are we willing to truly heed His words?

A lot of people chase behind what they want for their security. They will even cover up this security as unto God but deep down their priority is for their own and not God’s Kingdom.  Please note the ‘terminology’ of CHASE.. I’m not saying having a house and a vehicle is wrong.. I’m just asking to reflect on our priorities and our MOTIVES for our actions.. Are we doing and doing trying to reap the harvest of earthly security?  Or are we obeying Jesus and first seeking HIS KINGDOM and His righteousness – seeking HIM, wanting intimacy with Him, desiring to know His heart and what He wants us to do?

Are we desiring and willing to be the human BEINGS that He has created us to be?  The doing that pleases Him will then stem out naturally.  This is what it means to ‘DELIGHT IN GOD” and then naturally He gives the desires of our hearts as then our desires are what He longs for us in His perfect and pleasing will.

What stops us from being and strives us to doing?  Are we driving our self worth based on our doing?  My life of faith has taught me not to ‘chase’ security from wealth and human fame, but an area I still struggle with is simply being when God has called me to simply be as opposed to ‘doing’.. I have to keep reprogramming my mind or rather allowing the Holy Spirit to do so – as it has indeed been heavily programmed by the ways of the world and the ways of our culture and heritage.

Uphold me in prayer too while you seek God’s revelation and conviction in this area too!

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