Continuing in The Flesh

A few incidents in my life make me wonder whether it was indeed God showing a particular person or people to work along with.  This could be in regards to a ministry or a business or marriage – COMPARABLE helpers to COMPLEMENT each other.  Why would God bridge us with people with similar visions or burdens if we weren’t meant to work together?  Or were we meant to work together and hadn’t done so due to disobedience to His voice?  If so, what causes us to disobey what He wants us to do?  Wouldn’t God in His Sovereignty know that one or all concerned would disobey?  So why would He bridge these particular people in the first place?  Wouldn’t He go directly to bridging with the people who He knows WILL obey His blue print down to the detail and be led by His Spirit every mm of the way?

As all these questions have been racing through my mind, God reminded me of a situation that took place that left no room to question the validity of it.  He took me right back to the beginning of Creation and in particular Adam and Eve.

God created Adam and gave the commandment regarding the forbidden tree.

He then said it was NOT GOOD for man to be alone and created Eve.  There is no doubt that Eve was meant to be the comparable helper for Adam.  It was PLAN A – the PERFECT plan… It wasn’t PLAN B – the PERMISSIBLE plan.  The TWO were now ONE.

Who rears his ugly head?  Who does he approach and why do you think he chose that person over the other?  What was his first question?  “Did God really say?”  Could Satan have asked that from Adam?  Not really as Adam was the one who was given the commandment.  Eve was created after that – so obviously Adam passed on the warning.  Satan got Eve doubting all what was said  She began to think in the flesh.  Look at her reasons:

The fruit was…

1) GOOD for FOOD (nourishment)

2) PLEASING to the eye (aesthetics)

3) DESIRABLE for gaining WISDOM

Which one of the above is BAD?  Which one of them is being ‘materialistic’ or ‘worldly’?  They were all good reasons.  However God had clearly said NO to eating that fruit and hence eating it is SIN.  The reasons were not sin in themselves.  However, Satan decided to use fleshly thinking to pull away from the spiritual realm.. No you will surely not die he said… knowing full well that the spiritual death was going to take place if he managed to tempt her.

Eve decided that this decision was going to benefit them (the couple) big time!  Now the motive comes out – it was all about themselves, not about God’s Kingdom.  It was about them becoming like God. So she takes a piece and eats of it.  Oh no, she doesn’t leave her other half out – she gives him a piece too.  Where was he then?  Right there with her.  He also happily ate it too.

It was ADAM that God had given the commandment to…  Wasn’t it Adam’s responsibility to ensure he spoke up when Satan was tempting Eve?  Shouldn’t he at least told Eve not to eat of it and he too rejected it?  Satan managed to not only tempt Eve but also tempted Adam.  He listened to her reasoning, thought it was good and joined her in sinning against God.  Both died spiritually as they were now banished from God’s presence.

God knitted us in our mothers wombs and know even the words that are going to come on our lips –  do you think He did not know ahead of time that Adam and Eve were going to make this blunder?  Yet He was giving them a chance to do the RIGHT thing – what He desired them to do and thus to remain in the PERFECT will of God.  These two slipped royally and hence got the rough end of the PERMISSIBLE will.

Let’s look at the other possible scenarios:

1) Adam could have spoken up and both Adam and Eve not eating the forbidden fruit

2) Eve could have been tempted but Adam could have decided not to eat and stay right with God

3) Eve could have paused, thought it through and decided against it, but Adam could have continued to eat it.

Our decisions impact the other person’s commissions as well as God’s perfect plan.  In fact our disobedience can lead another to disobey and SIN.  Or it can cause a delay in God’s Kingdom plan as now God has to bring another person to substitute our pulling out.

We can defeat the purpose of the ‘team’ with our hesitancy or disobedience and cause delay in the life of the one(s) who is willing to obey God at all costs.

We defeat the purpose by dying a spiritual death as we are then obviously looking at things and evaluating things in the flesh.  Think of Peter.  He saw Jesus walking on water and got so excited.  Jesus reached out to him and Peter the fisherman stepped out of his boat, out of his comfort zone – He began to walk on water – a miracle in real life.  His eyes were fixed on Jesus and he was thus a conqueror.  However, suddenly he remembered the raging storms around him.  His eyes shifted from Jesus to the storms… and he began to sink.  Panic!

Yet this is none different to all of our lives.  Sometimes God gives us a vision.  We turn to people for confirmation and they want to protect us based on some negative experiences of their own.. so they look at our calling through their different lenses.  Sometimes we can speak to three different people and all have a apprehensive response to the vision and ask us “Are you sure God spoke to you? Just wait on Him”.       What if Peter had waited and during the time of waiting Jesus had left walking on the water?

All their reasoning could be way different.  But this is the work of the enemy.  He wants us to doubt and then sin.. and that can happen only through the very people we long to get affirmation or approval of.  Satan tried to use Peter. Jesus discerned the source and simply rebuked Peter saying “Get behind me Satan! You are a stumbling block to me; you do not have in mind the things of God, but the things of men.”

We need to keep going back to Him through the storms and through the schemes of the enemy and fix our gaze on Him and let His peace that transcends all understanding be our compass for direction.

  • What is it that God has shown you in the spiritual realm? What has HE entrusted you with? How are you responding to that?
  • What are the storms of your life that are pressing in? What are the schemes of the enemy that are trying to distract you? How are you responding to that?
    What are the fleshly reasons you are giving if you are hesitating or procrastinating or even worse deciding to disobey God’s clear orders?
  • How are your decisions going to affect the other person or people that God has connected you with? How is it going to affect God’s plan and timing?
  • What/Who is it that you love with your ALL?
  • If it is indeed God, are there any changes you need to make in decisions?  Are you willing to trust Him for the details as you take the first wobbly step of faith?

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