Our Analysis or God’s Power

Recently when I was praying for a friend, I saw a vision of an eagle beginning to soar.  However, suddenly it decided to pause mid air and to hold its spot, it was rapidly flapping its wings.  As it got tired with its attempts to remain in that place, it decided to just continue soaring instead.

It turned out that this friend was waiting upon God to hear God’s voice but had imposed certain blocks based on past experiences and thus was refusing to progress now.  It actually takes more effort to hold onto a weight and stay put in the middle of nowhere than to throw it all off and move forward.

We very often do say that we are waiting upon God to hear His voice but we have already posed obstacles and limitations based on our past negative experiences and fears of what lies ahead, of the unknown.  How many of us like change and embrace it?  How many of us are willing to move out of our comfort zone, throwing away the crutches of life let alone be joyful about it?  The fact is staying put is just going to hinder our progress, our growth as they weigh us down!

The eagle is a great example of how we should move forward.  It uses the very friction of the wind to help it soar, instead of letting it oppose the progress.  Are we willing to use the obstacles and oppositions that life presents to help us grow higher, to be believers that depend on God instead of the work of our hands and our fleshly desires and our earthly wisdom?

I recall the time when God called me out of my comfort zone, my territory…and to come here to Sri Lanka… This mind you, was at the very time I was planning on moving to Australia where a number of my closest friends and where my family were.  When I got the nudging to go to Sri Lanka, I was like, “what!!!” and trying to fit what God was saying, to do what I wanted to do.  Sri Lanka is my nation of birth without a doubt, and the land of my ancestors.  However, I knew I wouldn’t fit in here – as I had lived in 5 countries with Sri Lanka being the minimal time spent in any country.

We often do tell God that we are waiting to hear HIS voice and willing to heed to it but at the same time we tell Him (or rather have it in our hearts) but I won’t do this now as I’m not ready for it and I won’t do that yet as my current situation won’t permit it.  We place the obstacles and want Him to speak accommodating our obstacles.  Likewise I too  had my fears and my desires and I placed the conditions to my so called surrender to God but I thank God, His voice was firm.

I had to take the next steps of winding up from Canada. As I hadn’t planned on leaving the country, I hadn’t bothered applying for my citizenship – usually a long process. The officers were so surprised that I had got a date for the exam in such a speedy manner.

Next, if I didn’t give a calendar month’s notice to give up my rented apartment I wouldn’t be able to get the safety deposit back! The management told me that if I could find a tenant then they would be able to refund the deposit without the full notice. So there I began my search – to find a tenant.. I was in a state of panic and making phone calls and sending out emails.  In the process of this, I got the Rhema word rebuking me:

Are you so foolish? Having begun by the Spirit, are you now being perfected by the flesh?” – Galatians 3:3

Yes we often start the race with great fervour but suddenly decide we aren’t being ‘responsible’ and we haven’t thought things through, that we have to evaluate the risks, the obstacles and whether we can actually proceed.

I think of Rebekah being brought to Isaac by Abraham’s servant. Ok, she knew ‘of’ the family, they were related.. but did she know ‘him’?  This girl braved it to travel with this unknown servant – who was claiming to be Abraham’s servant – but what guarantee did she have?  God obviously intervened in all this and made him find favour in the eyes of the girl and her family.  But what if Rebekah had said, “Oh no.. I don’t know the guy.. I will not take this risk.. I refuse to leave my family and my people and my known territory”.  What if she was already hurt by someone and was scared of trusting?  What would have happened if Isaac walked away when he saw her?  What if he had said, “I’m still mourning for my mother.. I’m not ready”?  However, God did use this union to bring healing to Isaac.

How often do we do this  – start in the spirit but attempt to continue in the flesh – in our lives today?  However, if God is showing us, can we truly know that God will carry us through and do the needful?  Or are we even refusing to be open to God’s voice because our hearts are full of limitations in the way we would see things?

Paul urged the Corinthians that their “faith not rest in the wisdom of men but in the power of God”.

“The natural person does not accept the things of the Spirit of God, for they are folly to him, and he is not able to understand them because they are spiritually discerned.  – 1 Corinthians 2:14

Are you thinking through things as a natural person based on the wisdom of men and what is seen?  Or are you willing to trust in the power of the Holy Spirit in your lives as opposed to resting on your wisdom, in whatever that may be – whether in terms of ministry, relationships, family, marriage,  jobs .. ? If you truly believe, will you let go of the things that you think are ‘obstacles’ and let God come through in incredible ways, and using the very situation that you were once scared of to turn around the obstacle that you once thought was in the way?

Prayer is finding out what the Father wants, then standing in Christ before Him and asking Him to do it by the power of the Holy Spirit – Graham Cooke.

Are you seeking God’s voice with a emptied heart or are you seeking it with a heart full of preconceived plans?  Are you trying to stay put and vividly flapping your wings to stay there?  It takes more effort to do that instead of throwing all that hinders and soaring high knowing that God’s got it!

God doesn’t work in perfect situations and through perfect people –

He works through imperfect situations and imperfect people!

If He were to wait for perfection, that would only be so in eternity when heaven and earth pass away!


2 thoughts on “Our Analysis or God’s Power

  1. Wow! I love this. What a great revelation. I think even if you have “spiritually connected” friends, only you know that you know you are definitely hearing from God. Eagles soar alone, unlike other birds. You do. You have God given gift of writing. This is awesome.


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