Too much to handle?

I was coming from Canada with the intention of staying here in Sri Lanka long-term.  In addition to that, I also had the desire to pursue some education at the Bible College & Seminary.  Being a book lover, I had packed my suitcases to the brim or rather bulging.  I had also packed a lot of chocolates to take to the children’s homes in the Eastern province – the ones where I had spent a lot of time at.

Yes, to cut the story short,  my luggage was over-weight… Well, not really in the sense that I was within my limit in the first arm of my trip but the issue was that I was breaking journey in the UK to spend time with friends and family there.  The last arm of the journey was where I had issues.  It didn’t help that the flight was full.

I went to the check in counter with the hope of explaining the situation and asking to be let through.  The agent was friendly and helpful but insisted that I first distribute the weight into my hand luggage as each suitcase couldn’t exceed a certain weight.  Fine! I trodded off and started re-arranging stuff and was wondering how I was going to manage to close it all alone.  Anyway the task completed but now with ultra heavy hand luggage, I went back to the same agent.  As I opened my passport wallet, I saw a little pass it on card with a promise.  I gaped as I had forgotten that I had kept it there.

“When you pass through the waters, I will be with you;

And when you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you.

When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned; the flames will not set you ablaze” – Isaiah 43:3

My face lit up as I read that and I knew in a heartbeat that God was indeed speaking to me.  With a new found confidence, I gently asked the agent whether I could put my hand luggage along with the main luggage too.  He smiled and nodded.. and I skipped away with my burdens being literally lifted physically and spiritually! (I just had an old IBM laptop in my hand luggage and that was another obstacle ahead of me when the time came to boarding the plane – but the assurance kept me going!)

What triggered these past memories?

Many times the prophetic is more like having a general sense of direction while you walk through the fog more than having a detailed road map of where to go and the stops along the way. During those seasons having a compass helps: It’s called the Bible!!!! – Dan Lee on FB 3/9.205

While reflecting on that, I realised it’s not just the prophetic but the life for all believers – for those who worship God in Spirit and in truth.  It is like walking through the fog.  Of course, I would clarify the compass as not just the Bible only but rather God Himself as He often chooses to speak through His Word and directly and through others and situations…

Walking through the fog may lead us to the fire or the water without even knowing we are heading into it.  Jesus does tell us that we WILL have trouble:

“… in Me you may have peace.  In this world, you will have trouble. But take heart I have overcome the world” – John 16:33

He also says:

“Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself.  Each day has enough trouble of its own” – Matthew 6:34

It is contradictory to the way the world operates… The world wants everything mapped out, every minute detail put down into writing.  Yet the life of a true believer is foggy… not knowing where the next step will be but knowing that we will be led by His Holy Spirit.

Even now, I do need accommodation – a place to live and a place to carry out the visions which God has laid on my heart.  People ask me – in a heart to help – how much is your budget, what and where are you looking for, how much of advance can you afford… I shrug as I simply don’t know. All I do know is in His timing the right doors will open and that for His visions there will be provision.  People’s responses to this is not easy – I am often made to feel foolish.

Yet I believe in our God who could part the red seas to deliver His people..

I believe in our God who could rain manna and quail to feed His people through the wilderness and where their shoes never wore out.

I believe in our God who brought water gushing out of the rock to quench their thirst.

I believe in our God who filled so many vessels of oil to the widow who barely had any.

I believe in our God who gave food to His servant through a raven.

Oh gosh.. I can keep going on and on and on…

But in essence, I believe our God is living – He is Yesterday, today and forever more.. That our FATHER that has done all this for people many years ago is still alive and can come through in more ways to astonish us TODAY too.

  • Why do we limit God to the days of the Bible?
  • If we truly trusted in Him, will we map out every detail according to our earthly wisdom?
  • If we sincerely believed, will we hesitate to step into the fog that could lead us through the fire and the waters?

Men look for better methods, but God looks for better men – Erwin W. Lutzer

  • Are you willing to have the general sense of direction and step into the fog with the compass given by God?

Do you believe in HIM?

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