A Personal Note

Dearest readers

I want to thank all of you for your views and a big thanks especially to those who have taken their time to give me feedback on how the post spoke to them or encouraged them or rebuked them etc.  Sometimes I have times when I see the views go down and I wonder if I should stop writing – and then someone without knowing this will send me a note.  Thank you for spurring me on to be an obedient vessel in God’s hands.

I’m grateful to God who have supported me in various other ways that make the work I do possible.  Without their input and partnership in obedience to God’s burden, this blog and the various other ministries cannot be feasible.  From encouragement, to intercession to sharing of blessings – whether it be finances or material things or toiletries or treating me to a nice meal at a cosy restaurant etc – all play a big part.  Even this laptop – a gift from a friend – is without a doubt a blessing from God especially as my old one was playing up.

I also wish to share some prayer requests with you.

As years go by, I become more passionate about the fulfillment.  KENOSIS means self emptying and right now we are in the process of forming a board. The next step would be to get the paper work done. Pray for the right board members and also for the establishment of KENOSIS.

These are the visions on my heart and longing for fulfillment.

  1.  U – A holistic lifestyle Christian magazine is in the pipeline – with writers from both genders and varied ethnicities and denomination, to be in print and e-versions too.
  2. A house fellowship similar to that of the early church – with a limited quantity where people can truly be the body of Christ with Christ as head.
  3. Youth centre – where youth have a place to hang out without the peer pressures of the world, have games / crafts etc and have people available to seek counsel from  and to pray with.
  4. Christian books – in draft form at present.
  5. Raising awareness especially with Christian leaders on social mechanisms such as abuse, addictions, power & control cycle etc breaking down legalism so that we can reach out and embrace the victims instead of victimising victims and shunning them.

I’m also desperately in need of accommodation which will double up as a place of ministry conducive for the above.  Please pray for divine intervention to lead us to the person who would be led to open doors to the place that God has prepared for these ministries.  Whether it be free as unto His work, or for rent – may God burden the right hearts who will partner with us.

Some of you readers – especially the regular readers – may know – I live by faith.  I really thank and praise God for meeting my needs, my rent, my bills get paid and I get to eat too!  True, there is a lot of sacrifice from what my lifestyle used to be like so sometimes it gets hard for me when I go out with friends from a regular lifestyle as I just can’t afford to get ‘extras’.  Sometimes it’s not easy to know the fine line between the ‘needs’ and ‘extras’ so sometimes i forgo needs too simply because I appreciate that those who do support me time to time also do it sacrificially.

In the past, the places where I lived was indeed an ‘open home’ for people who want a place to hang out, refresh themselves spiritually and emotionally and a place to crash.

Do uphold all this in prayer. I do believe that nothing is a one man show,, and it is with a passion for God and to see His name glorified that I am writing this.  The Kenosis motto is”more of Christ, less of me” as we are His children seeking first His Kingdom.

Thank you!

God bless you and meet your every need in accordance to His purpose.



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