Throwing it around

It’s been a privilege to be able to often spend time with a few young kids from a few families.  Recently I was called a ‘nerd’ by one of them as I’m now wearing glasses.  The kid was using the term in every opportunity she could.  Her older teenage brother told her that she seemed to be ‘fascinated’ with the term.  The kid’s obvious response was ‘I’m not FASSS-CI-NATED!”.  Then the brother decided to ask her if she even knew what the word nerd meant.  He of course went a step further to not only hear her out but to correct her wrong understanding too.

I really enjoy being around kids as we can learn a lot from them!  Yes, the term ‘child-like faith’ doesn’t exist for no reason!  Children hear a new word and then want to try to use it whenever they can as it’s their way of learning… to get used to incorporating it in their vocabulary.   I was so sure that “fascinated” would be the next term this kid would repeat but the next time I visited the term was “demented”.  Hehehe… Out of the mouths of babes!

How often do we adults hear God’s Word and want to apply it in our lives?  How often do we, like the little child, get fixated with something we have just read or learnt from His Word?  How often do we keep our eyes (and ears) open to APPLY the word in OUR lives and then go ahead and HELP others apply it in their lives?

When we hear or read God’s Word, how often are we willing to examine our hearts and examine our lives?  How often do we want to let alone decide to internalise His Word?  How often do we yield to surrendering our will to Him, to let go of our plans but to embrace His plans for our lives?  How often are we being religious trying to create the fruit of our lives instead of getting rooted deeper and deeper in Him for the fruit to be yielded as a result of that rooting by the Holy Spirit?

How often do we desire to see how this Word can be applied, incorporated in our lives – not just in our vocabulary but also in ALL aspects of our lives – from our spiritual lives to our family lives to our relational lives to our finances and emotions too?  How often are we willing to be edified through the Word and how often are we willing to be encouraged and led by it through being open to find areas to internalise the Word?

In addition to that how often do we think of who should hear the Word we are hearing all the while skipping on applying to our lives first?  We need to watch out in trying to spoon feed milk to those who are eating solids.  It makes them dependent on us instead of on God and hinders their growth in Him.  This is not helpful but rather it discourages them that they haven’t made progress in their walk with God.  It can actually cause many to turn away from God as it could make them feel small, as if they don’t have what it takes to grow.  We are clearly taught in the Bible that we need to speak the truth IN LOVE and that we need to BUILD each other up NOT tear down.

On the other hand, how often do we hear a word and misunderstand it?  How often do we take a scripture out of its context and try to apply it in every opportunity possible?  When we WRONGLY apply God’s Word, we are actually MISREPRESENTING God.  So when the Word that is applied doesn’t come to pass, we are encouraging others to make a mockery out of God or even DOUBT God.  We know God doesn’t lie like man does.  We know God’s Word never returns void but what if we are sending out God’s Word in error and not in TRUTH?  We are to be worshippers of God in Spirit AND in truth.  The truth without the Spirit is pointless.  Likewise, the Spirit without the truth is fruitless too.  Are we misrepresenting God in the way we have personally understood God’s Word and thus applying it at EVERY instance possible without realising that it is being handled wrongly?

God’s Word is often for specific situations and specific times with specific conditions.  A text out of context is pretext.  Much of God’s Word is prophecy for times yet to come.  It can be fulfilled instantly and completely, it can be fulfilled partially with the fulfilment at a later date.  Are we claiming a prophecy where the fulfilment is to be in heaven but the partial fulfilment has taken place in the coming of Jesus Christ, to be fulfilled completely here on earth right now?

We need to TEST everything we say and everything we do… How often thus are we willing to be corrected at the wrong usage of the Word when another “sees” and corrects us?  We are all equal in God’s eyes and His gifts are for mutual edification, for us to grow as His Body and thus seek His Kingdom.  We are all vital in building each other up. An unhealthy part of the Body will lead to an unhealthy body thus it would be detrimental to the growth of His Kingdom.

Let us watch out for another and build each other up in love, let us be willing to hear each other out and take it to the Lord in prayer instead of being stubborn about things and letting it slip through the fingers.  David was anointed to be king long before he was king… yet he failed much during the time of his reign.  However, when Nathan the prophet approached him and shared a story, David judged correctly without realising that story was his.  When Nathan pointed that out to him, David repented.  God called him a man after His own heart.

There is a time for everything…


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