Hand in the Lion’s Mouth

Today’s post is a reflection on how God carried me through a pressing situation in recent times.  I thank God for the many people He raised globally to hold my hand and support me through continual intercession and checking up on me pretty much daily.  He uses His people – this is His “church”, His dwelling place – to come together to see His Kingdom come.
One day, in the midst of being hard pressed – which I admit was a result of “throwing a pearl to the swine” (more on that in another post) – I was crying out to the Lord in anguish.  He led me to Isaiah 52 (ESV) especially verses 11-12.
11 Depart, depart, go out from there; touch no unclean thing; go out from the midst of her; purify yourselves, you who bear the vessels of the LORD.
12 For you shall not go out in haste, and you shall not go in flight, for the LORD will go before you, and the God of Israel will be your rear guard.
These verses lifted my downcast soul.  It was a confirmation that I had to indeed come out of the current situation… and then be purified as a vessel of God.. It confirmed that the situation was indeed full of unclean things just as I had discerned and spoken out.
Hence I couldn’t understand why God didn’t want me out in haste or a flight. It didn’t make sense. I cried my heart out… I sobbed and sobbed even wondering whether God was punishing me.   There were many more raging emotions and what seemed like repetitive patterns over the last few years which I couldn’t understand.  However, I will not elaborate all that in this post.
The next day, I saw a word via Dr Connie Williams on The Elijah List fb page. It was so encouraging as it gave insight to the passage or rather answered my pressing question to God. It makes sense.
If you find your hand in the mouth of a lion, wisdom would say to remove it slowly. God may be removing your hand slowly because His best is to bring you out whole with as little trauma as possible. Be patient and relax…your situation is under the master’s care.
In the meantime I prayed for those involved in the situation which God was leading me out of… that their hearts will soften to know God has spoken to them, warned them.. And that they would heed to Him for conviction, repentance and change in the areas God is trying to highlight to them… to know the sheer joy of intimacy with Him and to know God knows what’s best for us.  That through repentance, what they have sowed will not be what they reap.
Most importantly, moreover, I began to pray that God would give me His strength, grace and wisdom to know how to handle the situation as long as He kept me in the situation…to know He had a timing for a purpose. I begged Him to bless me with the faith to be still and know He is God that He will hold my hand like a father holds the hand of his child and that He would lead me to where He would want me to be.. Simply put I had no idea where He wanted to take me as I didn’t have the tangible resources but I also knew that God’s hand isn’t too short to do so.  Many people spoke discouraging words as they could see through their physical eyes, not their spiritual eyes.  They could “evaluate” the circumstances and make decisions based on their abilities and resources.  Despite all that, I knew God could choose whichever way He wanted to reveal the narrow path He had set out for me.  And all I wanted was through that He would be glorified.
It was a tug of war between my flesh and my spirit.  I kept asking God to show He was there with me.  One night in the middle of the situation, as usual I was just spending time with Him.  I suddenly saw myself on a tar road at the edge of a cliff, pretty low.  As I looked to the surrounding scenery I saw green pastures with a small pond.  It was so serene and inviting…  I heard the Lord tell me that He was leading me to greener pastures.  What a word of assurance.  I decided to walk but with one step I stopped.. I told God that I was scared as He was not in front of me leading me and there was not a single soul in sight.  Instinctively I turned my head to look behind me and Jesus was right there.  He told me that He had me covered and was protecting me.. to look forward and continue.
A few days later, when I felt disheartened as the wait always seems soooooo long .. I went out to the garden of a friend’s place where I had been spending the day to unwind.  I felt a rain drop and sped to the back yard where I had hung my washing.  Like a child, I quickly gathered the clothes and set them inside and ran back to the front.  I told God that I needed to see a rainbow, to feel His presence as He more often than not reveals rainbows to me when I feel low.  I turned to look at the sky behind me and there it was… the rainbow was first seen as a segment and blurry.. As I kept gazing and marvelling at His love for me, it became sharper and ultimately the arc became a semi circle.  I was lost in the beauty and of course I was in tears of joy.
A few long weeks sped by and at the last minute, God surely opened a way.  I believe it is a temporary situation but one where it would be my ‘hiding’ place to revel in His love .. to “purify” myself from the unclean environment and also to “prepare” for the next chapter of my life… The waiting continues with His peace and protection….
 What is your situation today?
Whatever it is, do not listen to advice based on human wisdom perceived by what is seen by the physical eye but turn to Him.. Open your spiritual eyes and allow Him to fulfill His will for your life.  He speaks to us if we are ready to hear.  Remember each situation moulds us, shredding us of our pride and our self sufficiency… trusting that no evil can harm us if our hearts beat for Him as the one in us is greater than the one in the world… And in due time God will vindicate us if we would remain humble and His Name will be glorified.. and those who think they are wise will be put to shame.
He can take our hands out of the lion’s mouth without damage!

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