Stuck in rut

I saw a vision early hours this morning… of a person standing in the mud or rather stuck in the mud.  There is a mountain next to the person and from the mountain hands are reaching out to help this person out of the mud.  The person is refusing the help.

I felt God saying this to such people..

“It’s me reaching out to you – I’m using the people I have strategically placed in your life.  You can’t do this alone.  You need my help but you are refusing it.  I work through My people who are called by My name.

Your pride is stopping you to take the outreached hand to not only get out of the mud but also to scale the mountain next to you. It is possible. Nothing is impossible with Me.  Your pride is keeping you to remain stuck in the sticky mud.  Careful that you don’t get totally stuck in it that you can’t move.  It’s not too late right now but move before it does get too late.  Then at that point, don’t cry out “Where are you God?  Why have you allowed this?” because all along I have been there with you but you are failing to acknowledge that I work through My people”.


2 thoughts on “Stuck in rut

  1. Good day
    This morning this message was sent to me. I do not know how I opened this message but there it was. I want to thank you. I feel I am in the mud and I can not get out. I want to reach out and I do not know how.

    thank you
    Andre Botha


    1. that’s amazing! How God intervenes and shows you that He is there.. I have no idea how you got this message. As you keep calling out to God, he will reveal His presence to you.., May you hear His voice tangibly and see His hand stretched out to pull you out.. Believe just believe!


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