Valentine Glitter

The countdown begins… It’s nearly time for the special day set aside to celebrate luvvvvvv. Merchandisers capitalise on this and play on peoples emotions. Even those who don’t make a big deal out of it and would prefer to just let it simply slide by are unable to do so.. It’s right in your face wherever you turn.
Couples are wondering what gifts to get so they aren’t outdone by others – even if they are pressed in or snowed under by financial problems. Gotta keep up with the Jones.. Well at least the gold card glitters and gets the attention. The unspoken competition is highlighted under a microscope thanks to good old FB! We have to post the pics of what MYYYY guy (or gal) did. Try beating that! Yeahhh…
Couples who have recently broken up for valid healthy reasons feel the void of not having love on this love worthy day. It often drives them right back to each others arms. Who said all that glitters isn’t gold? Yup we can focus on the romantic lovey dovey feelings and pretend all is hunky dory.
Then you get the singles who have been hurt so badly and haven’t healed.. Who just hate the word love and all that goes with it. This infamous day could even drive them to deeper depression rubbing salt into open wounds.
Then there are the singles ready to mingle twiddling their thumbs and waiting.. Waiting… Waiting.. Hoping their knight in shining armour will gallop by and swoop up the damsel in distress to live happily ever after. Oh ya and that in their fantasy castle too.
This infamous day can provoke a wide range of negative emotions.. there are more scenarios not touched upon.
However my question is. Is this day even necessary? If couples were having a healthy relationship. Would they even have to set aside a day annually as a celebration of live? Shouldn’t every day be such a day.. Sharing in each others joys and sorrows… And not stopping at the glitter of whatever that isn’t gold?  Doesn’t the Bible tell us that husband and wife become one in flesh?  And doesn’t scripture say the love the man shows his wife should be as witness as to how Christ loves the church?  Should there be a ‘one’ grand day of celebration of love or should it be an ongoing daily decision?
While on this topic let me side track a bit and remember that there are 5 love languages (If you would like to know more, get a copy of Gary Chapman’s books).  Each person has a primary language or two. So identify and remember your partner’s language whether it be time, gifts, helps, service or words.
This concept or rather our understanding of love is often translated to our spiritual lives as well. Some love to celebrate God’s love by setting apart Christmas or Easter… And some take much pride in their choice of setting Sundays aside to celebrate His love. Jesus didn’t just say He loved us.. But died in the cross for you and me.. He shed His blood to cleanse us from our past sins and draw us into deeper intimacy with our Heavenly Father through Him.
God dwells in us.. Our body is His temple if we believe in Him. We need to stop our annual or weekly visitation mentality and take up the privilege of the 24x7x365 habitation of God. We love Him always and are in constant relationship with Him.. Celebrating His love. A love that cannot be compared to.. A love to which no other love can even come close… We then take up our cross daily washing our hands and feet that get soiled along the way each day so that the gap is always closed.  The past sins are forgiven…our bodies are cleansed. It’s the sins that we commit thereafter – the soiling of the outer part that gets contaminated along the way – that we need to be convicted of, confess and repent so that our intimacy with God can be renewed and revived DAILY.
Come near to God and he will come near to you.
Wash your hands, you sinners, and purify your hearts, you double-minded – James 4:8
It’s not because of punishment but to abide in that deep pure love … a major reward!
If our relationship with God is right… it goes without saying that our love for each other will over flow as God asks us to love our neighbours keeping in mind that He asks us to be harmless as doves and wise as serpents too. We don’t play with fire.  Instead we seek His wisdom to know who to embrace and who to stay away from. And as for our brothers in Christ as long as it depends on us we live at peace with each other.

God has called us to LOVE Him and each other.. and it’s through our love for one another that we will be known as His disciples.  Are we known as His disciples then?  Are we constantly being conscious of this calling and reaching out in love.. bearing in mind that with love comes discipline too.   We are to seek God and His righteousness..

Jesus reached out to the repentant sinners while He rebuked the two phased hypocritical nature of the self righteous religious leaders.  Jesus didn’t encourage / feed into the sin of the Pharisees but rather He exposed them.  Love without boundaries can feed into sin giving the impression to the one who is falling that “he/she can continue this way because we don’t really mind – an empty vessel makes the most noise right – and we will pick up their pieces”. Love is truthful not fake, it’s sincere and it doesn’t encourage nonsense.

Is it time to meditate again on 1 Corinthians 13 word to word?

And a question I leave with us believers to ponder on..
  • What can we do to not rub salt into open wounds of each other?
  • What benefits do we get out of setting this day to celebrate love?
  • How can we instead make it work for all?
  • What message are we conveying to the world around us in how we view and celebrate love?
  • Are your roses blooming or are they withering covered with a painted fresh look?



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