In the little things…

My phone of a few years was playing up and more pressure was required to type as the key pad was pretty firm. In the interim I got a really cheap phone which turned out to be really limiting.  So I switched back to the previous phone, giving the interim one away.  It required a few repairs in the process.  However, I have to admit that I longed for a smart phone.  Technology and social apps play an important role in my Christian life – they are some of the tools I use to serve my Heavenly Father.  I had got a tab last year but it wasn’t practical to use on the public transport in this part of the world, the battery power was terrible that by the time I got into town it would have died so I needed to keep it switched off.

So having a smart phone took priority in my ‘wish list’ over the years and I trusted God to bless me with it if it was His will.  It wasn’t an all consuming desire.  Last year I had checked out the Nokia Lumia phones just to get an estimate of prices.  This range having coloured backs really did appeal to me.  This week, my dad sent me some cash as a birthday gift.  It wasn’t enough for the phone I had been eyeing and now of course there were better models out there.

I browsed the web and checked out features and prices, I spoke to a few friends and got their view points.  The result was I got confused and wanted a phone I couldn’t afford at the time.  I knew I needed a dual SIM phone as I believe I will be travelling a lot in the near future for missions more than in the past few years.  Questions were running through my mind and I simply didn’t know what to do. I had done enough of comparisons

During this time, I saw a status on FB that said to “rest and let God guide”. I was like, “God, how am I to know what you want me to get, what’s best for me that would suit my needs?”  At that point, I decided that I was just going to let it go for now and let God show me clearly what He would like me to do.  I had worried whether I was running ahead of God so I surrendered to let God guide me to His timing too.

As I had to go into town yesterday, I decided to stop by a shop that I had come across online which had one of the cheaper LUMIA models in white casing.  I had a few questions to ask them to clear some doubts.  On my way, in the bus, as usual I was chatting with God.  I can’t say I heard Him, but I felt I had to stick to the amount that my dad had sent me as the ‘budget’ for the phone.  In response I made a decision accordingly.  I popped into the shop, fired away my questions and believe it or not, the price for the model I asked for was on special that day and was just under the amount I had set.  In addition to that, the answers they gave me made me realise one of the more expensive phones wouldn’t have met my needs despite having more features!  Besides, this was the model I had eyed a few years ago – only this is, it was now less than half the price than it was then.  In the end, I walked out of the shop excited like a child.

I thanked God for His blessing of this phone.  When transferring data to the phone, I realised my tab was so heavy and that had obviously been the cause of the tendonitis in my wrist this year.  Moreover, I thanked God for His clear guidance in the matter and the peace of contentment that finally washed over me as I surrendered to the ‘budget’ instead of desiring more than what I have.  I believe this phone will be used for His glory.

Isn’t this what child-like faith is all about?  He is longing for us to turn to Him like a child would turn to its parent to ask.  Yes, He has given us wisdom but it takes humility to recognise the fact that God does have infinite wisdom and knows far better than us.  Pride stops us from turning to Him by saying He has given us wisdom for us to think with our own brains.  Guess what, when I tried to think with my own brain, I just had confusion!  It takes us humility to seek His leading even in the “small things” and when we do, He surely guides us and His peace overflows.



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